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Perfume for women, men, mixed and children



Wear a Fragrance is a way of expressing your personality . As each fragrance reveals itself differently depending on the person wearing it, Adopt offers over 150 eaux de parfum to suit every personality, gender and mood


Satisfy all your desires and vary the pleasures of fragrance with the Adopt range to find the fragrance that's right for you!


The different types of perfume


All fragrance products are made from essential oils, synthetic scents and alcohol. Each solution contains these ingredients in different doses, whether it's perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette or eau de Cologne. These products are classified according to their fragrance concentration: the higher the concentration, the longer-lasting the scent.




Perfume is the solution containing the least alcohol and the highest percentage of fragrance essence, up to 40%. Its price is higher than others, as it is made from high-quality ingredients. After spraying, the fragrance can remain on your skin for several days, especially when sprayed on your hair


Eau de parfum


Less concentrated than perfume, eau de parfum contains 15-20% fragrance solution. More affordable than perfume, its scent remains pronounced and long-lasting. Eau de parfum can be applied to both men and women. To ensure that your fragrance stays on your skin longer, spray the product on the body's hot spots, i.e. the areas where the heart beats under the skin (nape of the neck, wrists, temples). Eau de parfum can also last longer on hair or clothing.


Eau de toilette


Eau de toilette, less concentrated than eau de parfum, contains between 7% and 10% fragrance. The fragrance lasts 3 to 5 hours on the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin and children's skin, the eau de toilette contains only a small amount of aromatic substances and alcohol. Eau de toilette is a refreshingly scented product, popular with women and men alike during the summer season

Eau de Cologne


Composed of 4-7% aromatic essences, eau de Cologne is the strongest alcohol solution. It is characterized by its lighter, more volatile fragrance than eau de toilette. Its affordable price, however, means you can spray more often and enjoy it all day long. Historically, eau de Cologne is associated with men's fragrance. Its top notes, often dominated by citrus, offer freshness and aromatic richness to the skin.


Fragrances for women


Visit Women's fragrance explores olfactory worlds of scents: floral, fruity, delicate, gourmet, Solar, fees and wooded.

Floral fragrance


This olfactory universe created for women brings together a wide range of floral nuances with very distinct scents. Made from one flower or several varieties, women's floral fragrances are delicate and enveloping. Rose, jasmine, lavender, each flower brings its own special elegance and softness to an eau de parfum. For example, the freshness of tree blossoms such as cherry, lemon or apple is highly appreciated in a woman's eau de parfum


Fruity fragrance


Fruity fragrances are prized by many women, offering an almost infinite choice of scents. Peaches, apples and coconuts add a touch of originality and freshness to fragrance compositions. Let yourself be tempted by their sweet and gourmet scentsthat will make you irresistible to everyone you meet. Come and discover the scents of red fruit, lychee or pineapple inAdopt's collection of fruity fragrances for women


Woody fragrance


In the world of perfumery as in that of flavors, spices awaken the senses. Spicy notes such as pink pepper, saffron or vanilla are frequently used in women's eaux de parfum. This type of women's fragrance offers a warm, intense characterand bewitching accords that will delight connoisseurs


Men's fragrances


The olfactory worlds of men's fragrance are calling on more and more scent families. Discover the woody, aquatic and aromatic world that characterizes so many men's fragrances


Woody fragrance


Generally designed for men, woody fragrances reveal olfactory notes of sandalwood, vetiver, cedar or cypress. A single type of wood can dominate the fragrance, or certain species can be combined to create a unique scent.


The patchouli plant originates from Asia, and has a special place in associations with the woody fragrance family. Originally odorless, it is during extraction that this plant obtains its characteristic scent, both sweet and heady. Spicy and fruity accords often accompany woody fragrances.


Aquatic fragrance


Aquatic fragrances, relatively recent in the history of perfumery, include scents that evoke the marine world and the open sea. Both light and heady, aquatic notes appeal to men seeking adventure at all costs. An iodized note gives the fragrance sea-breeze accords.


Synonymous with dynamism, freshness and vitality, aquatic fragrances combine wonderfully with aromatic notes of sage, lavender or geranium. Their marine fragrances also blend perfectly with woody scents.


Aromatic fragrance


Aromatic fragrances for men include all compositions based on aromatic herbs such as lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, mint or marjoram. Combined with citrus fruits, aromatic herbs stand out in a fresh, gourmet fragrance, ideal for the summer season. In addition, the freshness of aromatic plants combined with spicy notes lends character to certain fragrance compositions.


Mixed fragrances


With its wide choice of mixed fragrance, Adopt plays with genres and styles by proposing olfactory universes capable of awakening the senses of men and women alike.


Citrus fragrance


Subtle, fresh and volatile citrusfragrances are easily recognizable in each perfume. Lemon, grapefruit and mandarin are the basis for the composition of the oldest of the olfactory families, that of the hesperides. These tangy notes are very present in eau de Cologne. These vaporous perfumes or eaux de parfum will appeal to both men and women.


Musky fragrance


Musk fragrances are essentially composed of white musk which combines sensual and soothing notes. Some musky accords offer woody or cottony sensations that have the particularity of lasting a long time on hair and clothing. This olfactory family enjoys the best reviews in both men's and women's fragrances, thanks to the enveloping impression it gives off


White musk is frequently blended with the scents of white flowers and ylang-ylang rose for a soft, sensual composition . It is available in a wide range of scents providing a floral, fruity or powdery olfactory trail. These fragrances are very popular for scented candles!

Oriental fragrance


Oriental fragrances are renowned for their warm, sweet smells thanks to ingredients such as vanilla, balms, amber wax or oud wood. This family is just as present in eau de parfum for men as it is in women's fragrances. The second largest olfactory family after hesperidia, it is highly prized for the diversity of possible combinations. Powdery, animalic, balsamic or ambered oriental notes reveal marvellous accords when blended with fruity, woody or floral fruity, woody or floral fragrances.

Children's fragrances


Discover the soft and sweet universe of children's fragrance to develop your senses and olfactory memory from age 3. Adopt Parfums offers eaux de toilette that take care of their most fragile and sensitive skin thanks to a composition low in alcohol and chemicals.


Floral fragrance


The gentle, soothing essences of floral eaux de toilette enable the creation of a highly diverse range of fragrances. The delicate, enveloping scent of rose or white flowers such as lily of the valley brings softness and freshness to an eau de parfum. Combined with the scent of vanilla, these eaux de toilette are perfectly suited to the greed and vitality of children. For a complete treatment, Adopt Parfums offers the eau de toilette and matching shower gel in a gift box! ! 


Eau de parfum gourmande


For children who love cakes, candies and other treats, a sweet and tangy eau de toilette, preferably organic, will be a tempting choice. The gourmet fragrances are relatively new to perfumery, but havealready been adopted by major brands. Thanks to natural and synthetic ingredients, they offer a wide choice of scents as tasty as they are irresistible.


Tagada strawberries, cookies, caramel - these delicious smells are sure to please young and old alike. They blend perfectly with floral (jasmine, rose), fruity (pear, apple) and vanilla notes, offering a comforting sensation.

Adopt scented products


Eau de Cologne, essential oils, gift sets, scented candles: indulge yourself with Adopt's wide range of products. Find the scents of your favorite eau de parfum in a list of many scented products at light prices, including shower gel, body lotion, hand creams, candle,....

Perfume box


Would you like to spoil yourself or your loved ones, during the vacations, Christmas or Black Friday? Let yourself be tempted by gift box available from stock in store or on delivery. Whether it's a perfume box, a toiletry set or an assortment of beauty products, you'll find something to please your other half and your friends


With a wide range of gift sets ,is the perfect choice for you! For a body care ritual, take advantage of boxes combining an eau de parfum and a shower gel of the same fragrance. To discover the range of mixed products, opt for a set of three eaux de parfum. The shaving set can also be an excellent gift idea for your man to take care of himself.


Gift box


Add a touch of style to your gifts with reusable packaging in a wide range of formats suitable for all beauty products, from small pouches to large boxes. You can, for example, opt for a pretty basket to tastefully arrange your selection of scented products. Reusable for storage, it's as elegant as it is practical. Choose the Adopt fragrance carousel to showcase your favorite products


Scented candle


Would you like to teleport yourself to the islands, spread the Christmas cheer or wrap yourself in a cocoon of love and softness? Choose from Adopt's range of candlethat meets your expectations. Rediscover the scents of your Adopt Parfums beauty products with these elegant candles.


Eau de Cologne


To accompany you on hot, sunny summer days, cologne can be your best ally. Enjoy a fresh spray of the product of your choice. The classic notes of eau de Cologne are citrusy scents like orange blossom. Other scents, such as floral and woody fragrances, can also be combined


Adopt Parfums is constantly reinventing itself to offer you a light fragrance that reinterprets the codes of this mythical eau de toilette. composition with notes of tea gives it all the freshness of a timeless eau de Cologne.



Immerse yourself the fragrant atmosphere of diffusers Adopt Parfums. In an instant, its fragrance transports you to a warm, friendly world. Leave a fragrant trail in every room of the house by diffusing pleasant scentsfor the whole family.