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Reactive PH lip and cheek jelly

Lip & kiss


Lip & kiss pailleté

Glitter lipstick

Glittery lip gloss with a Wow effect!

Nourishing and plumping

All Mat Long

Matte liquid lipstick

lip & kiss

Rouge à lèvres

Lip & kiss le rouge velours

Rouge à lèvres velours

Bisou vanille


Bisou coco


The history of lip makeup


In ancient times, a mixture of seaweed, iodine and bromine was used to color the lips. A color between burgundy and crimson emerged however many diseases appear as a result of this practice. Still as aesthetic but less dangerous, Cleopatra used a mixture of crushed insects on her lips. It is thanks to the Arab physicist Abdoulcassis that we owe the invention of the solid lipstick in the th century. At that time, in Europe, the use of make-up was forbidden by the Church. In the 16th century, lip makeup became trendy again, first in England. Indeed, at the court of Elizabeth I, a mixture of beeswax and natural colorants was used to coat her lips.


Why make up your lips?


Lips are a seductive asset. They are the symbol of your sensuality and your femininity. The smile contributes to your charm and illuminates your face. That's why lip makeup is essential for a complete makeup routine. Lip makeup is therefore an art to be respected. Depending on the look you want, you will have to choose between a glossy or a matte lipstick.


Lips and adopt


Pencil, lipstick or gloss highlight your lips to enhance your smile.


The Lip & Kiss matte lipstick, loaded with pigments, glides on the lips to deliver perfect color from the first application. With the Vanilla Kiss Lip Balm your mouth will have a nice glossy finish for a guaranteed success. Also, indulge in our matte liquid lipsticks and intense vinyl pop glosses for all-day beauty.


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