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Natural nail colour Natural nail colour

Natural nail colour

Nail polish 8 ml
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4-sided polisher
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Thick paper nail file, fine grit, adopt'

Paper nail file

Thick paper nail file with fine grains
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Press-on nails

Press-on nails

Pack of 12 natural effect false nails
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Top coat brillance - Be bright adopt'

Be bright

Shine top coat
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Base fortifiante - Be stronger adopt'

Be stronger

Fortifying base
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The history of manicure: nails


5000 years ago, Indian women used to decorate their hands and nails with henna. 1000 years later, it is noted in southern Babylon that men painted their nails with kohl to show their social standing. The color black was reserved for the privileged classes while green was worn by the middle classes. Around 3000, the Chinese left a colored lacquer on their nails. They are the first to have invented the varnish. The varnish was made of beeswax, egg white, gum arabic and vegetable dye. Around 600, to show their royal blood, the Chinese put gold and silver on their nails while Egyptian women applied a ruby color to their nails. Over time, Western women kept their nails short and rounded, which was synonymous with beauty, health and nobility.


Nails for all desires: nail art


Doing your nails is also a way to communicate, to express yourself and to share. Nails have become a playground with the practice of nail art that allows you to choose the color, shape, length and even the patterns you want to display! It is true that it is not easy to find original ideas for the creation of your nails. But don't panic! Today, we can be inspired by the trends to make our own nails. The nail art is increasingly adopted by girls, it adapts to all morphologies and can enhance the nails. So girls can choose between different techniques to decorate their nails.


The nails and adopt


Discover all our products to enhance your beautiful hands! Nail polish, protective base... Get ready for a complete manicure session at home. Did you know that? Our nail polishes are created and manufactured in France, in our workshops in Bordeaux. Find in particular the range of professional nail polish adopt: the range and its ultra-trendy and totally cute shades! Pro Nail Colour's patented formula gives nails an intense, ultra-glossy coat for a professional look. The high concentration of color pigment allows you to apply the color evenly and perfectly in one coat. An essential step for a successful manicure, the Top Coat Shine allows you to obtain a shiny manicure protected from shocks and chips and to improve its hold. Enriched with diamond powder, it contains 67% of natural and bio-sourced ingredients. Let yourself be tempted by the  pack of 12 natural effect false nails for a professional French manicure in 5 seconds! Available in 12 sizes, these false nails adapt perfectly to the shape of your natural nails for a perfect result in record time.


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