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Absolument rose Absolument rose

Absolument rose

Eau de parfum 30 ml
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Patchouly rose - eau de parfum 30 ml
My rose - eau de parfum pailletée 30 ml

My rose

Glittery Eau de Parfum 30 ml
Rose noire
Rose noire collector Rose noire collector

Rose noire collector

Eau de parfum
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Rose Diamant Rose Diamant

Rose Diamant

Eau de parfum
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Rose charmeuse Rose charmeuse

Rose charmeuse

Eau de parfum
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Pink & Pop Pink & Pop

Pink & Pop

Eau de parfum
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Sunset kiss Sunset kiss

Sunset kiss

Eau de parfum
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Framboise irrésistible Framboise irrésistible

Framboise irrésistible

Eau de parfum 30 ml
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Midnight for her Midnight for her

Midnight for her

Eau de parfum 30 ml
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Musc de rose - eau de parfum 30ml adopt'
Eau de parfum rose: the queen of flowers and its uses in perfumery

The rose is known as the "queen of flowers". If it is appreciated for the beauty of its petals, it is above all its perfume which has been seducing people for more than 2,000 years.

Do you like the scent of the rose? Why not adopt it as your everyday perfume? Discover all the secrets of this emblematic flower with Adopt.

Rose perfume: a fragrance that's thousands of years old

A fragrance that has been popular since ancient times


The first rose scents appear more than 60 million years ago, in the Bering Strait. They were first used as perfumes around 2,000 years ago by Berber tribes. The rose was then used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who saw in this flower the memory of Aphrodite mourning the death of her lover Adonis.

Other varieties of roses were imported from the Levant by the Crusaders in the Middle Ages. Europe discovered the scent of new buds and the oriental fragrances of the Middle Eastern rose quickly found their way into the skincare products of Western women.

The golden age of a flowery fragrance


The rose came to prominence in the 1990s. According to many noses, i.e. perfume designers, it is a delicate and versatile product that offers infinite olfactory possibilities.

Is rose eau de toilette an old-fashioned fragrance?

Since the 2000s, rose has been abandoned in favour of oud, amber and patchouli. Although some find it old-fashioned, the queen of gardens is still widely acclaimed as a symbol of romance, Parisian womanhood and French elegance.

What perfume really smells like roses?


There are over 3,000 varieties of roses with unique scents. Depending on the roses selected, the fragrances have a vegetal look, a floral tone or a waxy, spicy scent.

Some roses even offer original scents of musk, tea and myrrh, such as Rosa Moschata, Rosa Gigantae and Rosa Arventis.

Centifolia, Damascena: the emblematic roses of perfumery

Among the 3,000 existing varieties of roses, Rosa Centifolia and Rosa Damascena stand out for their rich aromas.

Rosa Centifolia: a jewel of Grasse with powerful fragrances


The Rosa Centifolia, nicknamed the "hundred-leaf rose", is the jewel of the city of Grasse, the world capital of perfume. Also grown in North Africa, it is known for its powerful and spicy aromas. This jewel of Grasse is used to produce rose oil, a distillate found in many beauty products.


The Rosa Damascena : an oriental treasure with fruity scents


The Rosa Damascena is named after the Syrian city of Damascus, where it originated. Used to make rose absolute and rose water, it is now grown in Bulgaria and Turkey. This queen of the Orient offers us her light, almost fruity notes, which blend perfectly with vanilla and bergamot.


How is rose eau de parfum made?

The careful harvesting of a delicate petal

The petals and stamens of rose bushes give off the characteristic scent of the queen of gardens. Roses are picked at dawn, when the morning dew gently beads on the petal. The flowers are picked by hand, with a precise gesture that preserves them, and are then sent directly to the extraction process. The perfume is then obtained by distillation or by extraction with volatile solvents.

Rose water, floral absolute, essence: the different uses of a versatile flower

The rose is a versatile product from which perfumers draw different distillates. For example, the rose can be used as :
- Essence, used as a top note for its powerful smell;
- Water, used as a facial;
- Absolute, with warm aromas, perfect for base notes.

The floral scent of the rose is also the subject of a synthetic reconstitution that recreates its scent while preserving biodiversity.

The bewitching marriage of the rose and other fragrances

While roses can be worn alone, they can also be accompanied by other fragrances. In perfumery, the rose is often associated with:
- Flowers: jasmine, orange blossom, white lotus or honeysuckle;
- Spices: vanilla, tea, myrrh;
- Woody and powerful fragrances: oud wood, cedar, patchouli.

Perfumers use rose as a top note as well as a base note and it brings freshness and lightness to the most popular perfumes.

Powerful Eau de Parfum, Light Fragrance: Adopt's Rose Perfume Collection

Sensuality and character with the Rose Noire and Midnight for her eau de parfum

With the

Rose noire collection,discover the sensual marriage of rose with blood orange, patchouli and vanilla. The notes of freshness and cedar wood will dress your skin and your home with a bewitching elixir.

The collection

Midnight for her promises an extraordinary olfactory experience with its sensual notes of blackcurrant, raspberry and patchouli.

Light fragrances with the My Rose, Rose ballerine and Rose charmeuse collections

For an enchanting scent, choose a bottle of our elixir

My Rose, with precious aromas of iris, white musk and wood.

Enter the dance with the perfume

Rose ballerine and its voluptuous fragrances of vanilla and bergamot.

Looking for a poetic getaway with a rosy scent? Discover our collection

Rose charmeuse and its romantic combination of rose, raspberry and musk.

Rose Eau de Parfum: a treasure of care and seduction for women

If the rose offers us its scents at the price of its delicate petal, it is also an exceptional care treasure for the body and hair. Applied to the face,

the rose mask deeply moisturises the skin, accelerates the healing of the epidermis and smoothes fine lines as soon as they appear. Used on hair, this elixir nourishes the hair in depth while offering a delicate perfumed scent conducive to relaxation.

A symbol of love and seduction, the rose intoxicates us with an eternal scent without hurting us with its thorns. Would you like to know more about the emblematic ingredients of perfumery? Visit the

Adopt website and find your pink scent by the unit and in a box!