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Nail polish

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Natural nail colour

Vernis à ongles Rose fuchsia 8ml
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Natural nail colour

Nail polish 8 ml
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Nail polish

What is nail polish?


The varnish is a cosmetic product that will enhance your nails. Indeed, it is presented in the form of small capsules. It is composed of several layers with a matte and shiny effect to give your look a touch of originality. It can also be colored. There are several types of nail polish but only the aesthetic aspect counts. The principle remains simple: you apply a layer of varnish on your nails, then you move to the application of another layer.


What are the different types of nail polish?


There are 4 types of nail polish. Their difference lies in their composition, their outfit and their pose. There are classic nail polishes, semi-permanent nail polishes, gel effect nail polishes and powder nail polishes. The classic varnish can be found just about everywhere: in supermarkets or in pharmacies. To maximize the hold of the classic nail polish, it is necessary to apply a base and a top coat, this will guarantee a beautiful shine. It is an ideal nail polish for those who like to change color regularly.


Semi-permanent varnishes do not dry in the air. Indeed, they need to be "cooked" under a UV lamp for about 2 minutes. These nail polishes don't chip and their hold remains intact for 2 to 3 weeks. The application of these varnishes requires a certain technicality with a base and a top for semi-permanent varnishes. The regrowth is visible and the nail polish does not remove as quickly as a classic nail polish. These polishes are for you if you like to keep the same nails for several weeks.


The gel effect nail polish is an adjustment between the classic nail polish and the gel nail polish. Indeed, they are applied like a classic varnish but their texture is thicker and resembles gel. They dry in the open air and therefore do not need a UV lamp. Their hold is a little better than a classic varnish and can last up to 4 to 7 days without flaking.


Powder coatings are applied in several steps. First, you need a base that is uniquely designed for powder coating. You need to dip your nails in the powder and then apply the catalyst protector that will help your powder hold, then you finish with a coat of top coat. This varnish lasts for several weeks and does not need a lamp.


Nail polishes adopt


Discover all our nail polishes, created and made in France! With over 50 shades, our Pro Nail Colour range adapts to all your desires. For an even prettier manicure that lasts, opt for a protective base and top coat. Pro Nail Colour's patented formula gives nails an intense, ultra-glossy coat for a professional look. The high concentration of color pigment allows you to apply the color evenly and perfectly in one coat. It guarantees a long-lasting shiny effect! In addition, a new packaging for even more elegance and a flat brush with round tip adapted to the shape of the nail for a perfect and homogeneous application.