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Coco lada

Eau de parfum
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Exceptional fragrance with exotic notes with coconut eau de parfum

Fragrant with a soft summer mood, like Monoi, coconut eau de parfum is a true invitation to travel with its exceptional list of exotic fragrances. This eau de parfum is generally appreciated by women for its monoi scents and its long list of benefits. Coconut eau de parfum blends perfectly with tuberose, the original flower with a unique honey and nectar scent.

Whether bath oil, body care, eau de parfum, hair cream or skin scrub: coconut is used in a long list of beauty products for women and men.

With coconut eau de parfum, let yourself be seduced by this exceptional tropical atmosphere at the price of a small bottle.

Coconut eau de parfum: a fragrance for women imported from French Polynesia

A fragrance imported at the cost of ambitious expeditions through the turquoise waters of the Pacific


Discovered and nicknamed "Pharaoh's nut" by Marco Polo in the 13th century, the coconut was introduced to Europe by the famous explorer after a tumultuous journey. The delivery of this fragrance to the nose of the French woman is done thereafter at the time of the presentation of Charles Perrault to the French Academy in 1674.

Coconut perfume for women: an olfactory escape between Asian countries and French Polynesia

Coming from the coconut tree, the coconut matures after 4 to 10 months of effort, while the coconut tree needs to live 5 to 6 years to hope to produce its fruits. Up to five hundred nuts can be harvested per palm. Coconut can be used in a long list of products such as bath oil, hair and body cream, monoi room fragrance, slow release room spray and long lasting eau de toilette.

Coconut, a fragrance with a long list of benefits for your body

The benefits of coconut and its fragrance in aromatherapy


Used to nourish dehydrated or irritated skin, coconut oil can be perfectly combined in a spray bottle with essential oils such as white jasmine oil or a product with a warm, floral fragrance for an exceptional exotic atmosphere.

Crafting and use of coconut in eau de parfum

The infusion of the coconut pulp followed by the gradual evaporation of drops of water allows the production of a sweet essence that is very well known in the world of perfume and aromatherapy. Perfumery, on the other hand, most often creates coconut fragrances using a lactone naturally present in the coconut: gamma-nonalactone. This creation process promises an exquisite fragrance and an exceptionally long-lasting room fragrance.

Subtle coconut notes for a unique tropical ambience

Famous in the world of perfumery, the fragrance of coconut is often associated with women's perfumes. On the white sands of heavenly beaches, the coconut scent is also similar to the fragrance of monoi and offers us a dreamy atmosphere at the price of a small bottle.

Fragrant concentration of fruit and flower in a bottle of coconut eau de parfum

On hot summer days, succumb to the list of fruity and floral scents that pair perfectly with coconut, such as:
- Cherry, vanilla, blackcurrant or raspberry notes;
- Rose, amber or ylang ylang notes.

Browse the Adopt list of long-lasting fragrances to find your perfect match.

Adopt: long lasting coconut eau de parfum in a small bottle

Discover Adopt's collection of coconut-based fragrances and enjoy an exceptional fragrance to accompany the mood of your summer getaway.

Coco lada Eau de Parfum: body and hair of the woman with beauty

Choose the eau de parfum

Coco Lada and its exceptional hold on the skin for its burst of freshness and its woody return. With bergamot in the top note and driftwood in the base note, feel the lightness of coconut water in the heart note.

Bahia Samba Eau de Parfum: the original fragrance of a dancing night

Directly destined for tropical countries, let yourself be guided by the eau de parfum

Bahia Samba and its Brazilian qualities with its exotic wood scent in the base note and coconut in the top note.

Vanilla Coco Eau de Parfum: a scent with an oriental ambiance

Escape with the gourmand and sparkling eau de parfum

Vanille Coco, an original creation with a top note of vanilla and a heart note of coconut, on a base note of tonka bean.