Adopt french fragrance revolution campaign
The french fragrance revolution

It is a revolution to give everyone access to great perfumes, without breaking the bank. A revolution born in France, in Grasse and Bordeaux, led by great perfume creators, in search of greater diversity. A revolution for the right to change perfume as one changes one's mood or outfit... A revolution to be free to be ourselves, without trying to look like a muse. A revolution for perfumes that respect the planet.

The legend of the hummingbird

Doing your bit... A long time ago, in a distant land, a huge fire was devastating the forest. The animals watched helplessly as this desolate spectacle unfolded. In the midst of the chaos, a small hummingbird was busy carrying a few drops of water in its beak, which it put into the fire. An exasperated armadillo said, 'You can't put out a fire with a few drops of water! And the hummingbird replied: 'I know, but I'm doing my bit.

An actor in nature

Everyone can act in their own way and on their own scale. At adopt, we create and produce our fragrances in France, opting for reduced, recyclable and recycled packaging and using carefully selected ingredients. Every day we try to go further, to become better, to "do our bit".


A universal symbol

Light, joyful, colourful, the hummingbird celebrates life, joy of living, freshness and positivity. Our fragrances are like it: dedicated to all women, they inspire, give confidence and reveal the best version of those who wear them. A real spritz of optimism, in a bottle!

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