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Tahiti Paradis

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Monoï des îles

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Monoï des îles

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Monoï blanc

Perfumed mist for body and hair 100 ml
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Fleur des tropiques

Brume parfumée corps et cheveux 100ml

Fragrance mist: the refreshing 2-en-1 product


Have you ever heard of perfumed mist? It's a well-kept beauty secret: a light, subtle eau de parfum for women ,combined with an absolutely divinebody and hair care product ! Thanks to its low concentration of eau de parfum, the mist moisturizes and soothes your skin while depositing a veil of soft, intoxicating scents. Multifunctional, it also works on your dream hair. It protects it from the sun and veils it in a fragrant cloud that diffuses its scent throughout the day. Body or hair, a spray is all it takes to give you a fresh new look!


Find out all about our fragrance mists: your summer ally! ! 

Body mist: the delicately scented star of summer


With its light, airy texture, fragrance mist is particularly popular in summer! Easy to slip into your handbag or beach bag, it can be used all day long, whenever the need or desire arises. Have you just been swimming in the sea? A quick spritz of scented spray will soothe your salt-sensitive skin. Is the heat overwhelming? The mist refreshes you in no time. Want to revive the fading notes of your eau de parfum? A mist spray will delight its scent.


A real beauty must-have to keep close at hand!

The Adopt women's fragrance mist collection


At Adopt Parfums, we have created two types of body mists for women: the milky moisturizing mist, a body-care mist, and the classic classic fragrance mist which works equally well on body and hair.

Body care mist


Do you have dry skin and are you looking for a product to take with you wherever you go? Our milky mist will become your best friend! Enriched with aloe vera, its vaporous texture transforms into creamy milk on contact with the skin. You can then gently rub it in. Say goodbye to crocodile skin! Your skin regains suppleness and comfort. Bonus? A sweet smell of flowers or fruit. Try it and you'll love it!


Body and hair fragrance mist


If you're looking for a 2-en-1 product, opt for a fragrance mist. These mists are designed to care for your skin and hair. Made in France, they are formulated from a list of ’ ingredients of natural origin: coconut water, mandarin, rose, etc. They are also guaranteed alcohol-free for risk-free exposure to the sun. Better still, they moisturize your hair while protecting it from UV damage. Spray on when you get out of the shower, before you go dancing at dusk or whenever you like during the day for a fragrance boost or a dose of freshness.


The Adopt Parfums collection of fragrance mists


Discover our collection of fragrance mists for women such as:


  • A vegan mist with sunny scents;
  • A vegan body and hair mist with a delicate floral fragrance;
  • the Coco lada mista vegan hair and body mist with a thirst-quenching fragrance of bergamot , coconut water and driftwood;
  • A milky vegan body mist that leaves a fragrant veil on the body.


At night, you can also put a spray of scented mist on your pillow and drift off to sleep with delicate, enchanting fragrances.

Discover also our other body care with irresistible scents like a scruba oil or a moisturizing milk. If you're looking for a fragrance with stronger notes, discover our collection of ’ eaux de parfums!