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Glittery lip gloss with a Wow effect! Glittery lip gloss with a Wow effect!

Glittery lip gloss with a Wow effect!

Nourishing and plumping
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The lip makeup trend: Gloss


Let's review the lip makeup trends. Without a doubt, red lips tick is always in fashion, whether it's to go to the office or to enhance your evening outfits. Red lipstick is still in demand by women all over the world. It is the basis of a glamorous and sophisticated look. As for the gloss. It is making a comeback in makeup kits since 2016. Brands are working hard to provide consumers with pleasing textures that will propel the volume of your lips.


Why lip gloss?


First of all, the gloss is easier to apply than a classic lipstick. You'll be able to look fresh and elegant in a fraction of a second with a clear, colored or glittery lip gloss, depending on your mood. It is also suitable for all occasions: chic evenings or with friends, weddings or romantic dates, lip gloss is your best ally to give you a radiant look every day.


Adopt lip gloss


For a perfect and long-lasting hold, nothing is better than a colored lip gloss. Pair it with a lip liner for a luscious mouth. To enhance your makeup, discover our selection of makeup palettes. No need to hesitate between a gloss and a lipstick! This intense gloss in very pop shades is a new formula. We combined the intensity of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. Its non-sticky texture ensures a shimmering and shaping smile! A wide choice of colors to suit all tastes! Discover our other makeup products lips like lip pencils.