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Sunset Tan


Perfect foundation

Fond de teint compact matifiant - 8g

Poudre libre universelle

Loose powder

Sun touch

Natural Sun Powder 9g

The illuminating powder so fantastic!

Complexion powder

The highlighter Bonheur Bonheur!

Illuminating powder

The sun powder that marvels!

Bronzing powder

The compact powder that impresses!


La poudre de fée étoilée

Glitter powder - Gold

Glow Touch

Illuminating powder

What is loose powder?


Loose powder is also called mineral powder. Loose powder aims to set makeup better and achieve a more natural effect. It is the ally of oily skin, but loose powder is less recommended for people with dry skin. Moreover, the more you apply loose powder, the more you accentuate the matifying aspect. The loose powder will give a soft and pleasant effect to your face, while maintaining the hold of the foundation or blush.


How to use loose powder?


To apply the loose powder we avoid the brush. We will use a large brush, wider than the one that is the size of a cotton ball. With the loose powder properly applied, pat it onto your skin starting with the target area (the T-zone) which is made up of the forehead, nose and chin. You can apply it to your lips or eyelids. Even more if you want to apply lipstick or gloss. With loose powder, it will hold better.


The free powders of adopt


Our selection of loose and mattifying powders is ideal for combination to oily skin and ensures a flawless complexion all day long. Discover also our selection of foundation brushes to apply your powder perfectly! Discover the new blush range in six matte and glittery shades! Its delicate and silky formula restores radiance to your cheeks and blends perfectly with your skin for a natural result! A guaranteed healthy glow adapted to each skin tone!


In the same range of powders, fall for the Glittering Veil Gold Fairy Powder. Become the star of the party with just one squeeze of fairy dust!


With a single touch, deposit a cloud of fine glitter on your body and hair. For the face, spray in the palm of your hand and apply in dabs to desired areas.


Discover also our other make-up products for your skin tone: foundation, concealer and sun powder.