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Idée cadeau mixte

Mixed gift idea


In the world of perfumeryperfumes have always been classified by family (such as floral, fruity, gourmand, solar, woody or character) and by genre, like women's fragrances and men's scents.


Traditionally,"masculine" fragrances are associated withstrong , intense scents with heart notes of sage, sandalwood or incense. The "feminine " fragrances, meanwhile,contain in their glass cases scents associated withsoft , sweet floralscents such as rose, jasmine and vanilla


Although the notion of mixed fragrances first entered the world of perfumery at theend of the century, it wasn't until the that it really became popular. Theseuniversal fragrancescan accompany both men and women with fresh, citrusy and spicy scents. At the heart of a society where notions of gender intersect and blend, giving a mixed fragrance gives the recipient of this gift the opportunity to find his or her personality, despite the stereotypes that are sometimes still firmly entrenched


Adopt Parfums is committed to combating these prejudices by offering you a selection of mixed and unisexgift ideas to suit everyone! Whether it's a gift for Christmas, a baby shower, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or a birthday, discover the many fragrant gift options that will delight your loved ones.


Perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de Cologne: what's the difference?


Often confused, the many types of fragrance are differentiated by the concentration of perfume they contain. The more concentrated the product you use, thelonger it will last .

Eau de Cologne


Eau de Cologne is the product with thelowest concentration of fragrance, containing between 2 and 4%. Light and versatile, it tends to evaporate quickly and requires several touch-ups throughout your day. It is particularly suitable for people with asensitive sense of smell, but who still want a light , fragrant scent


Eau de toilette


Eau de toilette is slightly more concentrated than eau de Cologne, with a percentage between 5 and 15%. It will hold up better on your skin and clothes, but it's still very subtle and will leave a soft, invigorating scent in your wake . Eau de toilette is widely used in summer, thanks to its lightness, but it is also favored for perfuming children.


Eau de parfum


Eau de parfum, ’ on the other hand, has a fragrance concentration ofbetween 15 and 20%. Synonymous with ’ deep, intense scents, this fragrance is far more pronounced than an eau de toilette and will leave a long-lasting trail after your visit




With a concentration ranging from 20 to 40%, perfume is the solution offering the most pronouncedolfactory signature . Unlike previous options, this fragrance can possibly stay in place several days after spraying, hence our advice to ’ keep a light hand when applying it. A strong perfume can quickly go to your head!


What is a blended fragrance?


A mixed fragrance is a gender-neutral fragrance that is equally suited to men and women. Thesurprising combination, in a glass case, of sweet, floral notes with woody, spicy aromas creates a perfect balance between power and delicacy.


Adopting a unisex fragrance can be a chance to create your own olfactory identity. olfactory identity identity.


Why give a unisex perfume as a gift?


Have you decided to give a gift of unisex fragrance to one of your loved ones? In this case, there are two possible scenarios:


  • this person is single ;
  • this person is in a relationship.


In the first case, choosing this fragrance can enable a woman ’ toassert her character and personality to society, by appropriating a fragrance with stronger, more masculine notes. On the other hand, it can also allow a man to turn to a product containing more delicate and floral flavors, making fora gift that is not usual, but rather surprising and unique! ! 


In the second case, the initiative of offering a unisex perfume can be qualified as acommon gift! Personalized and original, the unisex perfume offers an interesting compromise in a couple since both partners will have the chance to share the same fragrance in all complicity. A perfect balance of feminine and masculine scents, mixed eaux de parfum stand out from the crowd thanks to a skilful blend of sensuality, power and freshness.


Fragrance and character


While men are known to be attracted to strong , powerfulscents, women tend to gravitate towardsdelicate , flowery fragrances . However, both men and women can fall in love with scents that strike a perfect balance between masculine and feminine, offering asurprising olfactory experience. Adopt unisex eaux de parfums are the perfect example: by combining sensuality, delicacy and power, and by being suitable for both men and women, they are an ideal gift idea for someone close to you!

Gifts: what are the best unisex scents?


Increasingly popular, mixed fragrances are made from a combination of ingredients and aromas to suit everyone. Three major olfactory families are predominantly represented in unisex fragrances:


  • family hesperidia family;
  • the oriental oriental family ;
  • the chypre family.



Thehesperidia olfactory family is agrouping of several essential oils obtained by ’ extracting citrus peel such as lemon, orange, mandarin or bergamot. Often referred to as "citrus", hesperides are regularly used as the top note in a fragrance because of their fresh, light and tangy characteristics. This is thefirst scent that a perfume releases, but it lasts only a few moments. Hesperides are therefore associated with other olfactory families, each more singular than the last.



There are many variations in the family of oriental family :


  • the vanilla ;
  • the spicy ;
  • the woodlands ;
  • the floral ;
  • the gourmandes.


These fragrances are often composed of vanilla, musk, amber, cinnamon or ginger, then enhanced with more powerful scents such as black pepper, sandalwood, incense or leather.


This wide range of possibilities gives rise to an infinite number of different fragrances, making it possible for these notes to taste taste of elsewhere to suit everyone's preferences.



The chypre family has fairly powerful notes that are perfect for men and women of character. It is divided into several categories:


  • cyprus classic ;
  • cyprus green ;
  • chypre aromatic ;
  • cyprus floral ;
  • chypre floral aldehyde;
  • cyprus fruity ;
  • cyprus leather.


Oakmoss, patchouli, musk, bergamot or jasmine: all these scents envelop your being when you use Adopt! mixed eaux de parfum.


Give the gift of an Adopt Parfums mixed gift set!


If several ideas have crossed your mind and your heart has stopped on the desire to offer an original and personalized gift to your loved ones, let yourself be tempted by the selection of Adopt Parfums products and opt for a unisex box! Whether it's already on their wishlist or not, this gift is sure to please your loved ones!


Adopt has something for everyone, with two distinct models: a gift set of women's, men's and mixed eaux de parfum, and another set of three mixed eaux de parfum to suit a wide range of customers. In addition to sweet and assertive eaux de parfumbased on jasmine and bergamot, enhanced by a powerful note of Tonka bean, Adopt also offers more sparkling fragrances based on citrus and spices, supported by subtle scents of vanilla or sandalwood


As you'll have gathered, Adopt Parfums has decided to stand out from the crowd, deconstructing with finesse the prejudices of the perfume world. Our selection of mixed eaux de parfum is a subtle combination of scents and a clever androgynous blend that's sure to win you over!


Why choose Adopt Parfums for your mixed gifts?


In addition to offering high-quality fragrances, Adopt Parfums is a guarantee of expertise. To satisfy all our customers, we are committed to placing creativity, emotion and ’ inclusiveness at the heart of our glass showcases


Adopt's eaux de parfum are based on veganformulas , created and manufactured in France and contained in recycled glass bottles. The ingredients are suitable for all skin types, even the most fragile.

While choosing a fragrance is an important step in a man's or woman's life, it's important to look for scents that correspond above all to your personality and lifestyle, without getting bogged down in gender labels. You're a woman and women's eaux de parfum are too sweet for your taste? Are you a man who finds masculine fragrances too strong? Adopt Parfums has taken on this challenge for people like you, to help you find who you are! ! 


To complete your scented gift, why not create your own mixed, customizable wellness box of bath, shower and beauty products body careor other beauty products?


Visit theAdopt Parfums ’ to discover all the offers available, or visit one of our stores to familiarize yourself with the products and benefit from our best advice!


What's the best occasion for a mixed gift?


Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversary, Mother's Day or Father's Day: on your wishlist or not, Adopt Parfums gift ideas will always please the people you love and can be great discoveries. great discoveries.


Offering a mixed eau de parfum to one of your loved ones is unusual, and is proof of the closeness you share, since you know their personal tastes and character. With Adopt Parfums, take advantage of a gift idea that can be personalized to suit your loved ones, and anoriginal choice that'ssure to make an impact!

What are the characteristics of a fragrance that would please a woman?


Generally speaking, fragrances for women are known to be true sources of lightness, softness, sensuality and romance. Often composed of floral notes such as jasmine, rose or patchouli, eaux de parfum should be synonymous withfemininity. Nevertheless, women's fragrances are becoming increasingly assertive, with more powerful touches such as spices and woody scents

What type of fragrance would be on a man's wishlist?


Unlike women's eaux de parfum, men's fragrances are known to be more intense and powerful. Sandalwood, black pepper, tobacco or leather, they must represent masculinity through the force. Yet many men say they find their fragrancestoo excessive, and prefer to turn tosofter, musk- or citrus-based eaux de parfum


The most important thing is to find an eau de parfum that suits your personality, rather than gender norms. This is where Adopt's work comes in: to create eaux de parfum that are suitable for everyone, and whose name you won't be ashamed to give! ! 


Are there other mixed-gender gift ideas at Adopt Parfums?


If a boxed set isn't your cup of tea, Adopt Parfums also offers a wide range of individual mixed giftideas ! Let yourself be seduced by powerful scents of incense, cinnamon and leather, combined with soft notes of raspberry, vanilla and rose. Individual eau de parfum, a genuine quality product, will appeal to you thanks to a remarkable balance of scents that won't leave you indifferent!


Stay tuned! The Christmas season is approaching, and special formats will be waiting for you at Adopt Parfums to add to your wishlist!


You can also choose from other Adopt Parfums ranges, such as bath, body and face care products. All are availableat in-store or on our website, if you preferhome delivery!


Are unisex fragrances right for everyone?


mixed fragrances have been created to suit as many people as possible! Be seduced by these original fragrances!


Discover also the other Adopt ranges: Body care, Facial care and Make-up.