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The plumping face care against loss of firmness

After the age of thirty, the body produces less and less collagen. The skin loses its tone and elasticity. Signs of ageing appear (wrinkles, fine lines, spots, etc.) and facial features become slack. However, these effects can be slowed down and reduced by taking care of your skin. That's where plumping skin care comes in!

Their mission is to restore density to the epidermis and stimulate cell regeneration. By smoothing the features, they firm the skin. By activating the blood microcirculation, they restore radiance to your complexion. Your face glows and your skin looks younger!


What is a plumping facial?

A plumping treatment is a skin treatment to improve the appearance of the skin by making it firmer, smoother and more elastic. In addition to cosmetic procedures such as injections, it can be performed with topical products such as creams or serums. Plumping treatments are generally used to treat signs of skin ageing, such as wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity.

Plumping facials and their multiple benefits

The visible effectiveness of plumping skin care is due to its many properties, such as :


- Moisturising: helps to hydrate the skin by increasing the water level in the upper layers of the skin;
- Stimulation of collagen production: plumping skin care products help stimulate the production of collagen, a protein that gives skin its firmness and elasticity;
- Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles: Plumping skin care reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by smoothing the skin's surface;
- Firming the skin: plumping skin care products help to firm the skin by strengthening the skin's support fibres;
- Improving skin radiance: plumping skin care improves skin radiance by stimulating blood microcirculation.

To enjoy its various benefits on your face, it is necessary to use it properly.

Plumping face care: what to use?

When to use a plumping facial?

A plumping facial is generally used as a complement to a daily cleansing and skin care routine. There is no specific age to start using a plumping facial, it depends on the needs of your skin and its overall condition.

You can start using plumping skincare as early as age 25 to prevent the signs of skin ageing, or you may not need it until age 40.

Depending on your lifestyle and environment, it is subject to climatic conditions. Did you know? Over the course of your life, regular exposure to the sun to get a nice, healthy glow can help you to keep your skin healthy,

tanning accelerates the ageing of the skin. 

It is important to note that plumping skin care products can be used to treat signs of skin ageing such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity, but they cannot reverse the damage caused by time or environmental factors. So it's best to start using plumping skincare as soon as you notice signs of aging on your skin, rather than waiting until they are visible.

How do I use a plumping facial?

Before using a plumping facial, first cleanse your skin thoroughly to remove any impurities, excess oil, or residue of

foundation. Then apply a small amount of plumping product to your face, including your neck, using your fingers or a rubber spatula. Gently massage the product into your skin in small circular motions to help it penetrate more easily.

Choosing the best plumping treatment for your face

Beautiful skin is first and foremost well hydrated skin. Therefore, choose products enriched with hyaluronic acid, a substance that maintains an optimal level of hydration of the epidermis. Also opt for cosmetics with a collagen base. Collagen helps to regenerate the tissues and gives them their elasticity. Vitamin C boosts its production. An essential ally over the years.

You should also choose products containing fatty acids, plant extracts, mineral salts and trace elements.

Adopt Parfums' plumping face care products

At Adopt Parfums, the
Repulp action is responsible for waking up your skin. Green tea, shea butter, sea salts, vitamin E, our formulas contain the best ingredients of natural origin to restore the tone of your face. Real cocktails of youth!

Serum, day cream, night cream, make-up remover: your beauty routine with our Repulp action range

Choose the

lifting serum to be applied morning and evening before using your daily skin care cream. Let yourself be tempted by the smoothing day cream for invigorating mornings, or the
plumping night cream to give your skin a restful sleep. For a complete beauty routine, Adopt offers you its
3-in-1 eye balm to decongest your eyes and instantly smooth the eye area. To go even further, discover our nourishing cleansing milk or our nourishing make-up remover oil.


Massage and massage accessories: give your skin a real relaxation session


Complete your make-up removal routine by adding a little massage to it. Use fingertips to massage your skin in circular motions, or use 
facial accessories : jade roll-on, gua sha, etc. Take the time to pamper your skin, it will thank you!

You can also adopt new gestures to plump up your skin naturally. For example, facial gymnastics can work wonders. These little "grimacing" exercises to work the muscles relax the features and encourage good blood circulation. Finally, to restore your complexion's radiance and colour, use our
facials to restore radiance. With all these tips, signs of fatigue and ageing will definitely be behind you!