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Lip balm
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Lip balm: the secret for protected, soft and moisturised lips

If you're a true beauty-addict who is used to body and face care, lip balm, lip stick or lip balm is an essential part of your beauty routine. From the most classic to the most eccentric, with shea butter or beeswax, natural and organic or not: there are a multitude of lip balms at all prices. But which one should you choose to make sure your lips are naturally plump, protected, soft and moisturised?  


Sweet, fruity or tinted: Adopt Parfums has enriched its stock of varied and high quality lip balms. Follow our advice to select yours!


Lip balm: the repairing treatment for dry and chapped lips

Lips: a sensitive area of the face


We all remember the countless layers of moisturising stick on our lips when we went to the mountains or the sea as children. And for good reason: lips are very sensitive to cold and temperature changes. They do not produce substances that can protect them against the outside elements: cold, heat, but also spicy or acidic foods. Just like facial care, the application of a moisturising lip balm protects the lips from external influences and provides deep nourishment.


Lip balm: the protector that moisturises and nourishes


If your lips are already chapped, dry or damaged, a balm will help repair them more quickly. Try to resist the temptation to tear off the dry skin on your lips: by using a lip balm, it will quickly disappear! If your lips have been able to fight off external aggressions, using a lip balm on a daily basis will help you avoid all these little discomforts. Lip balm is an essential part of your beauty kit!


Tip: If you don't have a lip balm with you and your lips are tight, don't apply your moisturiser as a repair treatment. You could damage the fine skin of your lips because of the perfume contained in the creams!


The active ingredients to choose from when choosing your lip sticks

Repairing, nourishing, protecting or moisturising: a care solution for every problem


For an effective lip balm, it is necessary to choose a composition containing a fatty substance, a moisturising agent and a repairing agent. Choose formulas enriched with vegetable oils or butters and if possible organic. Classic ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, honey, aloe vera and jojoba oil. Lip balms can also contain soothing ingredients such as thermal water. Textures that are too watery are less resistant and only last a few minutes before disappearing from your lips. Less oily, they are also less nourishing and less effective.


As with your face creams, choose your lip balm according to your problem.


Choose a natural lip stick


For your lips, it's best to avoid essential oils, which can cause allergic reactions and leave marks on your face. Also, stay away from formulas containing silicones and petrochemical-derived ingredients, such as paraffin. These substances tend to suffocate the cells, causing them to dry out. So always go natural.

Adopt Parfums lip balms: concentrated moisture for long-lasting protection

A lip stick formula that protects your lips and the planet


At Adopt, we have developed moisturising formulas enriched with sweet almond oil and delicately scented. The lip balms are made from natural ingredients, vegan, without aluminium salt and are contained in 100% recyclable packaging. They are created and manufactured in France, to take care of your lips as well as the planet.


Fruity, sweet, exotic or tinted lip balms


Choose lip balms with fruity, sweet or exotic scents to transform a care routine into a real moment of pleasure. Your lips are soft and irresistible! The 15 ml format of the balms is practical to take with you everywhere and to slip into your jeans pocket or your handbag.


Fruity lip balm: moisturising and nourishing


With the sunny, gourmand scent of mango in Bisou passion balm, moisturising your lips becomes a pleasure. Is your sense of smell more sensitive to the refinement of red fruits? Moisturize and nourish your lips with Bisou fruité, in its pretty red packaging.


Lip balm gourmand: repairing and protecting


Want a sweet touch on your lips? Fall for the Bisou sucré balm in its pink packaging for a gourmet pleasure. It leaves your lips with a sweet rose and blueberry fragrance, for nourished, moisturised and perfumed lips. For an even more delicate treatment, discover the Bisou vanille moisturizer. In a single step, it eliminates feelings of discomfort and tightness.


Exotic lip balm: moisturises and nourishes


Need a sunny getaway to counter the winter doldrums? Bisou coco balm comes to the rescue of your dry lips and your morale! It moisturizes, protects and nourishes your lips all day long.


Pigmented care balm


Do you prefer a 2-in-1 treatment? Opt for a pigmented lip balm. It will moisturise your lips while lightly colouring your mouth. It's the ideal product to add a touch of colour when lips are too damaged to wear make-up.


Tips for using lip balms


How to use Adopt lip care products? Apply your lip balm at least three times a day. In the morning, after brushing your teeth, during the day, as soon as the skin on your lips feels tight, and before going to bed. Moisturising your lips just before going to sleep allows your skin to nourish itself throughout the night.


Bonus tip: even if your lips are tight, avoid running your tongue over them. Not only will this affect the hold of your balm, but saliva will also dry out your lips.


Lip balm: the beauty secret of a harmonious make-up

Tinted lip stick for discreet make-up


For young people and those who like light, discreet make-up, tinted lip stick is the star of your beauty routine! It leaves a glossy finish on the mouth, giving it shine and volume. The retractable Lip & kiss shinny balm  is practical to take with you everywhere, for touch-ups throughout the day! What's more, the shade coverage can be adapted according to the desired effect.


The steps to make-up the mouth


For an ultra-sophisticated mouth at all costs, here is our 4-step guide. Of course, you can choose to use just one or two products, depending on your mood.


Tip: To prepare your lips for all these products, soften them and gently remove any dry patches, you can make a low-cost natural homemade scrub with honey, coconut oil and sugar. Choose organic ingredients if you can. Then, nothing could be easier: just gently exfoliate your lips with the preparation!


1 - Moisture and protection: the basis for a full mouth and successful make-up


Lipstick can dry out your lips. So when you apply make-up, you can use our balms as a base to avoid unsightly marks on your lips. And if your lipstick is matte, this will give it an even cleaner and smoother finish.


2 - The lip liner


A star of the 90s, lip liner  has recently made a comeback, much to the delight of beauty-addicts. The pencil allows you to define the lip contour or to increase their plumpness. It also prevents lipstick from running. However, it can be very drying and can mark fine lines on the lips, which is why applying a lip balm will give an optimal result. Our stock of Lip & Kiss Pro Contour creamy pencil comes in 11 different shades, for a wide range of colours.


3 - Lipstick or lip ink


The timeless lipstick is now available in several versions:


  • the classic, ultra-creamy, satiny  Lip & kiss with its sweet red fruit scent;
    the matte but creamy Lip & kiss;
    the All mat long, the matte lipstick in a liquid version, for a transfer-free finish all day long;
     ink, which combines long-lasting, shiny and intense lipstick.


4 - Lip gloss to make your lips shine


For a mouthful of lip colour, add the finishing touch to your make-up with a touch of lip gloss, another star of the beauty routines of the 1990s and 2000s. You can also use this product on its own for easy lip shine. For a plumping and nourishing effect, opt for the gloss glittery effect Whaou ! Nourishing and moisturising, it doesn't stick! If you prefer to leave out the glitter, apply a touch of Intense pop vinyle lip gloss. Available in both bright and subdued shades, the gloss is as intense as a regular lipstick, yet shiny and non-sticky.


Now you know all the tricks to get rid of damaged, chapped lips that lack moisture and protection. Which lip care products are you going to fall for?