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Naturally flattering! Naturally flattering!

Naturally flattering!

Volume and length mascara
Mascara maximeyes adopt'


Mascara length
Mascara Eyestronomic adopt'


Panoramic volume mascara
A divine definition! A divine definition!

A divine definition!

Eyebrow Mascara
Really Gorgeous! Really Gorgeous!

Really Gorgeous!

Mini mascara with maxi brush - Ultra black
Mascara volume Lash Delirious adopt'

Lash Delirious

Volume mascara

Mascara, an essential since the dawn of time


The first uses of mascara date back to 3000. In fact, in ancient Egypt, Egyptian women used what is called kohl. A substance composed of animal fat, antimony and soot. Another ancestral way to produce mascara was to mix beef fat (tallow), beeswax, wood ash (alkali) and lampblack, which was obtained by burning an oil lamp. This product was called black eyes".


The mascara that people know today was not developed until the th century. Around 880, Eugene Rimmel developed a cosmetic called Rimmel. Created from a petroleum distillate and petroleum jelly.


Today, mascara is made from volatile solvent, animal, vegetable and mineral waxes, pigments and film-forming polymers.


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Mascara is your glamorous asset to enhance your lashes all year round. Lengthening mascara, volume or false lash effect? Find the right one for you! With a pretty line of eyeliner or eye shadow, create the perfect eye makeup look.


Your best seller mascara  is now available in a waterproof version! A look becomes indecent, a delirious the Lash Delirious mascara! It will dare the volume in its most indecent and delirious facet thanks to a gel formula highly concentrated in volumizing agents which fleshes out and defines the lashes one by one! Application after application, the fringe thickens, becoming more and more insolent for an ultra provocative look!


The  delivers intense black pigments. The rounded brush head coats the lashes as close to the root as possible to boost their length and volume. Its ultra black formula does not run, does not move and ensures a multidimensional effect!


Create the illusion of infinitely longer lashes! The Cil illusion mascara combines a high definition elastomer brush and a formula rich in nylon fibers for "no limit" lashes and a stunning look! Thanks to its fluid and light texture, the Cil illusion mascara coats the lashes from the roots to the tips and lengthens them in a single stroke.


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