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4 Elements

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Surf the Wave

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Play With Fire

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Super papa

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Alert me

Le Gentleman

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Set of 3 eaux de parfum Au bout du monde 30ml + In
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Into the night

Eau de Parfum 100ml + Shower Gel Set
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Au bout du monde

Eau de Parfum 100ml + Shower Gel Set
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Urban Chic

Set Eau de Parfum 30 ml + Shower Gel 250 ml
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Super Papa

Box 30ml + shower gel
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Be Famous

Box 30ml + shower gel
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Carrousel Masculin

Display with 5 eaux de parfums 30 ml
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Idée cadeau homme

Men's gift idea


Giving a man agift can be a complex task! As the years go by, ideas have to be constantly renewed. Wine bottle, whisky glass set, bracelet, watch, personalized mug or key ring, you feel like you've covered it all? A bottle of water from may seem like a typical gift, but it's far from it! Every morning, the lucky recipient of your gift will think of you as they smell the fragrances you've given them.


Whether your present is for your father, your grandfather, your brother, your friend or your partner ,Adopt Parfums can help you find the perfect gift and give you the keys to pleasing them in an original way. Discover a wide selection of fragrances and delicately scented gifts that are sure to please men.

How to find the perfect gift idea for a man?


To find the perfect gift for a man, you can gather the ’ opinions of people who know his preferences. Why not call on the imagination of his mother, his sister or a friend of his? As the saying goes, there's strength in numbers!


To help you in your quest and guide you in your choice of gift, Adopt Parfums has created several solutions:


  • Olfactory diagnosiswhich allows you to put yourself in the shoes of the man to whom you wish to give a gift and let yourself be guided by our simulation system to determine which product is most likely to appeal to him!


  • The gift idea engineIf you're looking for a gift for the man in your life, use our questionnaire to determine the profile of the man you'd like to give a gift to, and we'll suggest a selection of ideas to suit your budget.

How to choose the right scented gift for a man?


If you wish to offer a perfumed gift, there are several elements to take into account, such as thenature of the product, the ’ olfactory universe to which it belongs and its format. Indeed, the fragrances contained in the glass bottle reflect the very essence of the wearer's personality.

The nature of men's fragrance


Perfumes come in different forms: perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de Cologne. These fragranced products are distinguished by the concentration of pure fragrance they contain, ranging from 3% for eau de cologne to 40% for perfume. The hold of the fragrance on the skin is also a differentiating factor: an eau de toilette will be more delicate and volatile than an eau de parfum. If your gift is intended for a man who uses perfume on a daily basis, choose a product with a higher concentration of fragrance, to ensure that the scent lasts longer throughout the day.

Men's fragrance families


At Adopt Parfums, we offer a wide range of olfactory families to suit all tastes, whether you prefer the classic or the modern eaux de parfums for men floral, fruity, musky or gourmand, as well as sweet, spicy and woody fragrances. You can choose between different olfactory families such as:


  • The aromatic aromatic familyThis family includes aromatic herbs such as basil, oakmoss, Tonka bean, carambola and more. The notes of these fragrances evoke masculine effluvia through the virile breath and are generally accompanied by spicy essences;


  • The woodyfamily, which contains pure, sophisticated and elegant notes thanks to ingredients such as amber wood, sandalwood and cedar wood. These aromatic accords stand out in the base notes, following on from the freshness that predominates in the first nose;


  • The Orientalfamily, which has its origins in powdery fragrances and uses aromas such as exotic spices, musks and patchouli. These scented products release a sensual, gourmand scent and are also associated with warmth - nothing could be more seductive!


  • The spicyfamily , particularly widespread in men's perfumery and much appreciated by lovers of fragrances with character. Leather, cinnamon and cardamom are strong notes, lending awild, sensual scent to fragrances containing them


If you know the olfactory signature of the person you'd like to give a perfume to, don't hesitate to choose a bottle with similar notes. You'll be showing him that you're aware of his tastes, a gesture he'll appreciate all the more.


Men's fragrance format


Adopt offers several fragrance formats. Small or large format: which intoxicating scent will win you over? By choosing a miniature format, you can introduce the recipient to an original fragrance and give them a new olfactory experience! ! 


You can also choose a gift boxwhere the eau de parfum is accompanied by a cream or shower gel of the associated scent, for a complete, scented men's grooming routine. a complete, fragranced men's grooming routine.

The scented skincare routine: the personalized gift


At Adopt Parfums, we make men's grooming routines. Deodorant, body wash or aftershave cream: offer the man in your life a moment of relaxation with our range of men's careinspired by the scents of our eaux de parfums.

A personalized fragrance gift for every man!


The choice of fragrance also depends on thecharacter and personality of the wearer. Adopt can help you decide which scented gift will best suit the temperament of the person you're giving it to.


If this man is a fine seducerchoose an eau de parfum that combines the sweetness of tangy, aquatic aromas with the warmth of exotic ingredients. exotic ingredients such as vanilla, and the sensuality of leather and woody notes.


If the recipient of your gift is more of abad boy, he'll certainly appreciate the surprise effect! In this case, choose a fragrance whose composition uses ingredients that oppose each other: citrus, spices and wood. The olfactory cocktail of these three fragrances offers a touch of complexity, revealing the full character of the man who will wear it!


For romantic and gentlemanly men,choose fragranced products that combine softness and elegance. Choose a fragrance withsweet, gourmand scents that reveal sensitivity, enhanced by vanilla or patchouli to counter the extravagance. Floral and powdery scents such as iris or violet can also reveal very refined notes.


For an original and less usual gift, think also of the mixed fragrancesavailable in gift boxes or individually.


If, despite all this advice, you're afraid of making the wrong choice, consider the Adopt Parfums gift card! The man who receives it will be able to choose the perfume that best suits him directly in the boutique, for personalized attention.

When should you give a man a scented gift?

Festive gifts


Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day and Grandfather's Day are all times of the year when you can celebrate the men in your heart. Our gift boxes will be the perfect attention for those festive moments! For an even more personalized gift, you can create your own box by choosing an assortment of fragrances.


Birthday gifts


For birthdays, perfumes are also a must! To celebrate this event, be sure to please the person of your heart with a scented routine. Eau de parfum, face cream, deodorant or face mask: offer addictive, bewitching scents.

The simple pleasure of gift-giving! ! 


Men also appreciate the little everyday touches! Who said giving a gift required a special occasion? ?  Give a scented gift to your dad, friend or loved one to simply say: "I missed you", "I'm thinking of you" or "I love you". And don't forget to take care of thepackaging, an essential step in creating a beautiful gift! For an even more personalized touch, slip a small card or photo of yourself into the gift pack!


As you can see opportunities to please the men in your life! are numerous!


Adopt offers a selection of scented products for every occasion : exclusive Christmas gift sets, advent calendars and Father's Day gift sets. Find all our products on our website or in store for an intoxicating olfactory experience.

Adopt Parfums products for men


Adopt gift sets can be composed of an eau de parfum and a shower gel of the same scent, or a trio of scented products. Both in store and online, we also offer a wide selection of scented products to suit all tastes: woody, gourmand, spicy or oriental fragrances, all olfactory signatures are represented. Our products will never cease to please and surprise you! Adopt Parfums selection of men's fragrances suits every personality, thanks to their wide range of scents and formats.


At Adopt Parfums, we want to surprise you and open the door to new experiences. With our selection of scented gifts, be sure to offer a responsible gift. Our fragrances and skincare products for men are made with ’ natural ingredients that are as good for the body as they are for the planet! ! 

Discover even more gift ideas in store Adopt Parfums or on our website to take advantage of our home delivery service.