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Oui je le veux - eau de parfum pailletée 30ml adopt'

Oui je le veux

Eau de parfum glittery
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Fleur d'oranger ensoleillée Fleur d'oranger ensoleillée

Fleur d'oranger ensoleillée

Eau de parfum 30ml
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Limited Edition
Délice enchanté - eau de parfum 100ml adopt'

Délice enchanté

Eau de parfum 100ml
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Head for the Mediterranean sun with the orange blossom fragrance

Let the sweet scent of orange blossom permeate your home in a single scent. With its gourmand scent, linked to childhood, the orange blossom has conquered the greatest perfumers! Enclosed in a bottle of eau de parfum and combined with floral fragrances of rose or jasmine, as well as citrus notes such as lemon or bergamot, it seduces with its freshness and femininity. Even more, when mixed with musk, amber and oriental notes, the fragrance can be sultry and sensual. In perfumery, in skincare, in a scented candle or in cosmetic products, the olfactory refinement of orange blossom has not finished surprising you.


Adopt takes you on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea to navigate through the scents of the orange blossom.

Making orange blossom perfumes

Flowering under the Mediterranean sun


Contrary to what one might think, the orange flower does not come from the orange tree, but from the sour orange tree. This tree of the Rutaceae family can live up to 600 years! The white flowers offered by the orange tree have been appreciated since ancient times and were used to decorate bridal crowns. Gradually, cultivation spread to the Mediterranean basin. To bloom, the flowers of the bigaradier need bright sunshine all year round as well as a semi-arid climate, which makes Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt the world's leading producers.


From the flowers of the bigaradier tree to the orange blossom perfume

Also known as Neroli, in honour of the princess of Nerola who used to perfume her bath with this essence, the orange blossom is delicate. Once spring is well established on the Mediterranean, the flowers are hand-picked. This makes these orange blossom perfumes and fragrances luxurious products and justifies their high price. The freshly harvested flowers release a sweet scent with fresh, green olfactory notes. Depending on the product and the desired elixir, the flowers undergo a different treatment before being delivered to the perfume houses. They are thus :


  • - distilled with steam to obtain essential oil;
    - extracted with volatile solvents to obtain eau de parfum or orange flower absolute.

    After this stage, the flowers release a strong odour. Did you know that one thousand flowers are needed to obtain one litre of essential oil of Neroli?


Each perfume house then appropriates the little white flower to create its own scent.

The benefits of orange blossom in perfumery

Orange blossom: a moisturiser to add to your beauty routine

Orange Blossom Facial Care


Orange blossom water is the perfect product for your daily care and cleansing. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, orange blossom water slows down skin ageing, purifies the skin's PH, moisturises it and gives it back its radiance. The floral water also helps to fix make-up or to perfect make-up removal!

Body and hair care with the tangy notes of orange blossom

Orange blossom will rehydrate your body and hair after the hot summer days. Spend a sweet moment of comfort with the
Lady Glitter set. Wash your body with the shower gel delicately scented with orange blossom, vanilla and jasmine, then moisturise your legs with the body milk. With its glitter, it will enhance your tan. Your skin is nourished, moisturized and sublimated.


A few drops of eau de parfum on your neck and hair: you are ready to seduce your entourage.

Perfume, eau de parfum: the olfactory notes of orange blossom in a bottle

Orange blossom perfumes


The subtle olfactory combination of mandarin in the top note, sunny accords in the base note and orange blossom in the heart note of the eau de 
parfum Fleur d’oranger ensoleillée will take you back to the heart of summer. With Oui je le veux,express the elegance of the woman on the side of citrus thanks to the combination of lemon and white musk.
Sensual orange blossom perfumes

To charm your partner, use

l’Atout charme.Its surprising combination of ginger in the top note, hazelnut in the base note, almond blossom and orange blossom in the heart note will exalt your sensuality.

Gourmet perfumes with orange blossom

To dress your skin with a touch of nostalgia and greed, let yourself be tempted by the fragrances of

Délice enchanté.Its regressive accords of vanilla powdered with marshmallow and its list of entirely vegan ingredients will take you on a journey to the land of sweets.