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Children's gift ideas


According to an article in Forbes France written in 2019, 40 million toys are thrown away every year in France. Wooden toys, stuffed animals, jigsaw puzzles, cuddly toys, nightlights and board games: although these gifts are considered a safe bet and are always appreciated by children, they often end up at the bottom of a storage bin.


Faced with the growing desire of the French overconsumptionoffer an original original and personalized to a child is sure to create a sensation, especially if it's a product that will last over time!


Would you like to give a unique gift, but don't know where to start? Are you thinking of buying a perfume for a child but don't know which scent to choose? Discover all our gift ideas and suggestions for children!

Why give a perfume to a child?


A perfume is a personal and original gift idea that can be very welcome for a child. However, be sure to adjust your purchase to your child s age, as some fragrances are better suited to children's sensitive skin than others, depending on their composition and scents

Giving a perfume to a baby


Children discover and develop their 5 senses, especially their ’ sense of smell, from birth! As they grow, children learn and memorize smells - a real novelty for them! A baby, for example, will remember its mother's scent and associate specific memories with it as it grows.


Giving a perfume to a young child


From the age of3, you can perfume your child witheaux de toilette! At Adopt Parfums, we offer a range of children's products with soft and varied scents, particularly suited to this age group


If you want to stand out from the crowd and choose something other than a book, plush toy, wooden toy or music box, you can always offer a personalized eau de toilette that matches the scents your child loves. If he's fond of cakes and fruit, you can choose an eau de toilette from the Adopt Parfums range, with sweet notes of cookie, strawberry and lemon.


From the age of6, children begin toassert their unique tastes and attractions. In this case, it's a good idea to find out what they like, so you can tailor your choice just right. Are you lacking information about your gift recipient's tastes? We therefore recommend that you choose eaux de toilette withgentle, natural and neutral fragrances,so that your gift will suit the child who receives it, whatever his or her preferences

How to choose the right fragrance for a children's perfume?


If among all your ideas you come up with that of an eau de toilette as a gift for a child, then it's time to find out about the different scents that exist to discover the ones that would suit him best. These searches give you the assurance of pleasing someone with atruly personalized gift!

Sweet, gourmand notes


What better way to perfume a child than with a delicately sweeteau de toilette, with notes of marshmallow, vanilla, cookie or whipped cream? Thesedelicious fragrancesevoke sweet memories and bring a touch of comfort and tenderness to your children!

Fresh floral notes


Lily of the valley, rose petals, white musk, bergamot: if these scents evoke notes of lightness and delicacy, they also know how to be sparkling and full of charm ! More subtle than their predecessors, these Adopt Parfums eaux de toilette are synonymous with voluptuousness and finesse, scents that will easily suit a large number of children

Fruity notes for a touch of pep


Fruit-based fragrances are among the must-haves from Adopt Parfums. The punch of lemon, thespiciness of ginger, ’ thebrightness oftangerine and the sweetness of strawberry would make any little heart skip a beat. Children love these scents, which bring back sweet summer memories!


Depending on the season, our gift ideas are also available in boxed format. Stay tuned for exclusive personalized gifts available in-store or by home delivery. But beware, stock is running fast! ! 

How to properly perfume a child?


Whatever their age, children's skin is far more sensitive than adults, so it's vital to avoid perfuming them directly on the body. Adopt tells you all you need to know about the different techniques that can be used to offer your child a scented experience with complete peace of mind!


A touch of perfume in your hair


A good way to leave a sweet scent behind is to perfume your hair. However, be careful not to apply the perfume directly to children's heads to avoid irritating their scalps! For example, you can spray their brush or comb with their favorite scent before styling. This way, their hair releases subtle fragrances with every movement for aguaranteed surprise effect !


On clothes, perfume lasts longer!


Beware of the little ones, who have a tendency to put their clothes in their mouths or touch them, which could deposit eau de toilette in their eyes or on their taste buds. In such cases, it's best to focus on an area they can't reach, like the back of the collar of their tee-shirt, for example. In this way, eau de toilette can be diffused sparingly and safely !


Create a cloud of eau de toilette


The third option, more suitable for olderchildren , is to spray a little Adopt eau de toilette into the air and invite your child to walkback and forth in the fragrant cloud, , enjoying the scent from head to toe. The delicate scents will then settle gently and evenly on her skin and clothes, leaving a subtle fragranceevery time she passes! ! 


Find the perfect gift at Adopt Parfums


At Adopt, we offer a wide range of eaux de toilette for children: the perfect gift from the age of 3. Let yourself be tempted by ourfresh, floral and fruity fragrances with notes of red fruit, pear, hazelnut and ginger! Our low prices will also convince you over the more expensive price of a branded plush toy, a collector's book or a personalized nightlight


Original and thoughtfulgift ideas , these mists are sure to please and last. All our eaux de toilette are vegan , created and manufactured in France, offering a real guarantee of quality and protection for children's skin, but also for the environment. By offering a vegan eau de toilette to a child, you're encouraging them to become involved in respecting the planet and animals from an early age.


You can also view our limited editionThe limited stock and the appeal of novelty make these products best sellers that are quickly sold out!


Visit more information about children's productsplease visit our website Adopt Parfumswebsite, where you'll find details of our products and their composition, as well as detailed prices for these gift ideas.




When can you give an Adopt Parfums eau de toilette to a child as a gift?


Birthdays, Christmas, baby gifts: any occasion is a good reason to offer Adopt Parfums products. A gift at an affordable price that can be personalized to suit the child you're giving it to: what a great idea! For a complete gift experience, you can wrap your purchase in a box or pretty gift bag in store or on our website, thanks to our delivery service.

At what age should I start using Adopt Parfums eaux de toilette?


Adopt Parfums products are suitable for children aged3 and over. This limit protects the skin of very young children, which is still too fragile to come into contact with components such as alcohol, even though it is present in small quantities in our eaux de toilette.


It's also advisable to let the child's sense of smell develop before adding new scents to the environment.

Are Adopt Parfums eaux de toilette dangerous for children?


Adopt Parfums products are totally safe for children's skin! They all come from vegan formulas and are created and manufactured in France using substances that are not harmful to the skin


Take a look at the composition of our children's eaux de toilette on the description of each fragrance.

Which scents are best suited to a little boy?


Please note that Adopt Parfums eaux de toilette are unisex and suitable for both boys and girls. Scent preferences remain very subjective and belong to each individual


For a little boy, we recommend delicate yet sparklingfragrances , such as a blend of lily of the valley and pear, or tangerine and ginger with a hint of musk. These soft notes of charm will gently dress a little boy!

And for a little girl?


To make sure your gift is just right for a little girl, you can focus onfruity and sweet flavors such as red berries, whipped cream or cookies. The sweetness of sugar generally attracts young children thanks to itsgourmand and comforting fragrances.


For an older girl, it 's best to opt forlight, flowery scents that are far less childlike. For example, a clever blend of rose petals, a touch of bergamot and a hint of vanilla will be the perfect balance for any young girl looking for her first eau de toilette!

Why use eau de toilette rather than eau de parfum on children?

For children, eaux de toilette are more recommended than eaux de parfum for two main reasons:


  • their alcohol concentration eau de toilette ( less than 10% alcohol) contains less alcohol than eau de parfum (between 10 and 20%), it will be less aggressive and more suitable for young people;
  • l' ’ intensity of their scent an eau de toilette will be much lighter and less intoxicating than an eau de parfum, which would be far too strong for a child.


Eaux de parfum are aimed more at teenagers and adults, although eaux de toilette are not just for children, as they are more subtle and discreet.

At what time of day is it advisable to perfume a child?


Spraying a few drops of eau de toilette on a child can be done at any time of the day, although two moments are particularly important:


  • the morningto seal in your child's beauty routine and make eau de toilette a veritable accessories;
  • on evening just after showering, with a gentle floral fragrance, to relax before bedtime.

You can also spray a few drops of perfume sheets with a few drops of perfume to lure your child straight into the arms of Morpheus.