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Monoï blanc Monoï blanc
Monoï blanc Monoï blanc
Monoï des îles
Victim of its own success
Monoï des îles
Monoï des îles
Victim of its own success
Monoï des îles
Monoï perfume - olfactory family

Imagine a sunny white sandy beach, lulled by the movement of the water. The scent you associate with this atmosphere is surely that of monoi, a fragrance from Tahiti, in French Polynesia. A unique combination of Tiaré flower and Coconut, Monoï eau de parfum dresses women and the interior of their homes with its flower and coconut notes.

With our collection of monoi eau de parfum, give yourself an Indian summer feeling by recreating the exceptional atmosphere of your previous escapades at a low price.

Monoi eau de parfum: an olfactory jewel with the scent of Tahiti

Perfume from French Polynesia: monoi perfume


The first scents of monoi perfume appear, according to historians, 2,000 years ago, among the Maohi tribes who were already using it to make eau de toilette, soaps and care products. It was James Cook, an explorer who braved the waters of the Pacific at the cost of his life, who introduced monoi to European countries in the 13th century. Its fragrance has become a favourite in the French home in the form of soap, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and candles.

Monoi eau de parfum, the traditional fragrance of the Polynesian woman

An exceptional fragrance from French Polynesia, Tahitian monoi is the perfume of the vahine, or Polynesian woman. Its perfume invites us to escape thanks to its long-lasting fragrance of vanilla, Tiaré flower and coconut.

Making monoï perfume: an original fragrance between coconut and Tiaré flower

Monoï, a beach fragrance in a small bottle?


Monoï is the original union of coconut and Tiaré flower. The list of ingredients used to make monoï eau de parfum is short, so it is a product low in allergens and compatible with organic production. Monoï is obtained by effleurage, which is the maceration of Tiaré flower petals in a litre of dried coconut oil for ten days. The concentration of Tiaré flower gives this eau de parfum its flowery notes while the coconut enhances the woman with its gourmand notes reminiscent of the beach.

Handcrafted monoï perfume: French Polynesia in the spotlight

Monoï perfume water spreads the know-how of Tahiti to other countries in the world. Since 1992, Monoï de Tahiti has had an Appellation d'Origine (AO) which governs the manufacture of the perfume and its marketing in all countries. It allows Monoï de Tahiti producers to protect their manufacturing secrets at all stages of their production models, from the creation of the fragrance to the delivery of the bottle.

How do you choose your monoi perfume and the scents that go with it?

Which fragrance smells like monoi?

The combination of Tiaré flower and coconut is sufficient in itself. The monoi fragrance can be used in its raw state, without being associated with white jasmine flower or rose, particularly in the manufacture of handmade soaps.

Original combination of monoi and white jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang and vanilla

Another flower can be added to monoi in varying degrees of concentration to improve its hold and fragrance. Depending on the collection and price, your bottle of eau de parfum may contain white jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang or vanilla.

At Adopt, we have chosen peach as the top note for our eau de parfum collection

Monoï Blanc, offering an original encounter between the beaches of Tahiti and the orchards of the Provencal bastide. Our collection of eau de parfum Monoï des îles honours clementine and vanilla to sublimate women with an exceptional and long-lasting fragrance.

Monoi eau de parfum, a skincare product that helps the planet

Monoi perfume in your skincare routine: long-lasting, low-allergenic hydration


Beyond its exceptional flowery fragrance, monoi perfume is a priceless treasure of care and hydration for women. The high concentration of coconut in the monoï recipe gives it an exceptional moisturizing power. Finally, the natural composition of monoi eau de parfum reduces the list of potential allergens, a priceless asset for honouring women's skin.

Perfume bottle, eau de parfum, candle: an original summer fragrance against the winter blues

Tiare flower, coconut, jasmine and vanilla take us back to the atmosphere of summer days spent in the shade of the bastide. The summery notes of this eau de parfum from Tahiti are a real ally against the winter blues. Slip a bottle of monoi perfume into your bag and you're ready to face the day. Add a monoi perfume candle to your decor and give your home a holiday atmosphere that will make you forget the white coat of the winter landscape.

What is the best monoi oil?

Complete your skincare ritual by equipping yourself with the
Monoï Blanc oil to dress your skin and hair in the enchanting fragrance of the remote islands of Tahiti.

Protect the environment for the price of a bottle of monoi perfume water

Choosing a candle or a spray of monoi eau de parfum means protecting the planet. A short list of ingredients, handcrafted production, an endemic flower that does not require major delivery efforts: these are all arguments that make monoi eau de parfum an environmentally friendly product. Without making the planet pay for its price, monoi pierces the secrets of the Tiaré flower and dresses women in an eau de parfum with an exceptional fragrance.

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