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Yes you glow Yes you glow

Yes you glow

Moisturising radiance cream + flash radiance face
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Yes you glow

Yes you glow

Ultra-moisturizing radiance serum 30ml
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Repulp action

Repulp action

Smoothing day cream 40ml
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Repulp action

Repulp action

Plumping night cream 40ml
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Sérum lissant REPULP ACTION

Repulp action

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Born to be fresh

Born to be fresh

Mattifying moisturizer 50ml
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Face cream and serum

To have a radiant skin, moisturising your face is fundamental! To preserve your skin, choose skin care products adapted to your problems (redness, dryness, imperfections, etc.) and to your skin type (normal, combination, oily or dry).


Adopt Parfums has developed creams and serums that respect your skin for a gentle care.


Face cream and serum: which skin care product for which use?


Face cream: a rich and creamy texture

The most commonly used moisturiser, face cream is recognisable by its rich, melting texture when applied. Helping to combat skin dryness caused by daily aggressions such as stress, pollution or climatic changes, it has various formulas that adapt to all skin types. Anti-wrinkle cream, day cream or night cream: target the desired actions to preserve and regenerate your skin and provide daily comfort.


The serum: a fluid and concentrated care formula

The serum has a lighter texture than a cream and penetrates the skin more quickly. Its role is to prepare the skin to receive a treatment such as a cream or mask and to amplify its action. It thus increases the effectiveness of your products. Be careful, it is used as a complement, so the serum cannot be used alone, unlike the cream. It can also be used seasonally, to boost the hydration of your face in winter, for example.


How to use your serum and when to apply it?


With its high concentration of active ingredients, a serum is the perfect addition to your beauty routine when used properly. It is usually applied after cleansing your face and before applying a moisturiser. This important step in your skincare routine will deeply nourish your skin and provide the nutrients it needs.


For best results, it is recommended that you apply the serum to clean, damp skin to improve absorption. For continuous or occasional use or as a treatment, you can use your serum morning and night, depending on your preference.


Continuous use of the serum


If you suffer from specific skin problems, continuous use of the serum is relevant. Apply your serum on a daily basis to effectively fight against :

- lack of hydration ;

  • - lack of radiance ;
  • - the appearance of signs of ageing (wrinkles, sagging face, etc.) ;
  • - the presence of spots on the face or neck.


Use of the serum as a treatment


Every season of the year, the skin of your face is confronted with climatic changes and external aggressions: you can carry out a serum cure for three to four weeks as soon as you feel the need.


During the coldest periods, the skin of your face must be protected and nourished in depth in order to regain its radiance when the sun comes out.


Occasional use of serum


Thanks to their content of antioxidants or tensing sugars, serums are products rich in active ingredients and have immediate effects. Apply your serum for an instant radiance boost.

How to use your face cream and when to apply it?

Using and applying a night face cream


It is recommended that you apply your face cream at night before going to bed, as this is when your skin is most receptive to care. This gives your cream plenty of time to penetrate and act during your sleep cycle. It is important to cleanse your skin of impurities before applying your cream to ensure better penetration of the active ingredients in the skin care products.


Use and application of a daytime face cream


You can also apply a moisturiser in the morning before putting on your 
foundation : well-prepared and protected skin will welcome your makeup.The main purpose of a day cream is to protect your skin from external aggressions such as the sun, cold or wind and to provide it with the moisture and nutrients it needs to stay healthy.


For even more protection in winter, don't forget to use a
moisturizing cream with sunscreen protection
to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays.


Choosing your skincare products: a serum and a face cream that suits...

To your skin type


As with serums, it's important to choose a cream that's suitable for your skin type (dry, oily, combination, sensitive, etc.). A face cream that is too oily can clog your pores and cause blemishes, while one that is too dry can leave your skin feeling dry and uncomfortable.


To your specific needs: the right skin care for you


If you're looking to fight wrinkles, choose a natural vitamin E-based skin care product that has an anti-oxidant, moisturising and anti-wrinkle action. For sensitive skin, opt for a moisturiser based on nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera or argan oil. For pigmentation spots, a serum or cream based on vitamin B3 (niacinamide) or vitamin C can be useful.


In case of food allergies or intolerances, it is important to check the composition of your skin care products before using them. Adopt Parfums recommends that you choose a cream or serum made with natural, nourishing ingredients and try it on a test area of your skin before using it on your entire face.

At your age


Like serums, choosing a face cream is not to be taken lightly and your age is an important factor in determining which cream will be best for you:

- At the age of 25, your skin is still young and healthy: choose a moisturising and nourishing face cream to maintain your skin's vitality;

- If you are between 25 and 35, you can start using an anti-wrinkle treatment to prevent the first signs of ageing. You can also use a vitamin C cream to improve your skin's radiance and protect it from UV damage;

- Between the ages of 35 and 45 and due to a loss of elasticity in your skin, you may start to see the first wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes or lips. An anti-wrinkle skin care routine based on shea butter can help fight the signs of ageing;

- If you're over 45, treat your skin to more pronounced anti-ageing treatments to fight fine lines and wrinkles. Facials with green tea and vitamins C and E improve skin texture.

However, every skin is unique and your needs may vary depending on your lifestyle, diet and environment.


What do Adopt Parfums creams and serums do?

Adopt Parfums Repulp range for a boost of energy


The Repulp action range is smoothing and firming. It is ideal for tired skin or skin showing the first signs of ageing. The
serum,the day cream and the night creamare designed to restore a fresh and luminous complexion in a flash.


Yes you glow range for radiant skin


The Yes you glow range is the best ally for dehydrated skin lacking radiance. The
serum and the cream plumps and moisturises the skin deeply.


Born to be fresh range to fight blemishes


The Born to be fresh range is the enemy of blemishes. With its matifying and purifying action, the
moisturizing cream rebalances the skin and reduces shine on oily skin.


French Barber face cream to soothe sensitive skin


Our face cream French Barber has been specially designed to soothe skin irritated by shaving or waxing. Use our cream to complement your shaving products and regain suppleness and softness with the power of aloe vera.


Our creams and serums are created and made in France from natural ingredients such as white clay, jojoba oil, shea butter, green tea and many others.


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