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Nourishing Body Cream 250ml
Nourishing body care: a delicate touch for dry skin

While taking care of the skin on your face is a daily beauty routine, body care is often neglected! However, nourishing the body is essential at any age, especially when the skin is dry.

Adopt has brought together the best ingredients to create a range of nourishing products that deeply soothe and soften your skin.

Milk, butter, balm or cream, discover a whole beauty routine to take care of you.

What is a nourishing body care product?

The properties of nourishing body care

The skin is made up of a hydrolipidic film containing water and fat. Nourishing care provides lipids and forms a protective film that prevents the evaporation of water from the cells. During the day, the water contained in our cells evaporates more or less quickly depending on the temperature, wind, pollution, etc.

In other words, nourishing the body helps to consolidate the skin barrier so that it retains its moisture content, remains supple and hydrated.

Moisturising care, nourishing care: what is the difference?


The terms "moisturising" and "nourishing" are mostly considered the same, but did you know that they do not have the same function? While nourishing skin care provides oil to the skin, moisturising skin care provides water! Knowing your skin type allows you to provide your skin with the right care.

Why should you use a nourishing skin care product?

Which skins need a nourishing treatment?

While all skin types need moisturising, this is not necessarily the case for nutrition. Sebum, produced naturally by the epidermis, is a nutritive agent: if you have oily skin, you already produce enough, even excessively. You don't need to add to it with an oily skin care product. On the other hand, if you have dry, fragile or atopy-prone skin, this type of care is essential!

Dry skin: what are its characteristics?

If your skin tends to be tight and itchy, especially after a shower, if it reacts to external influences such as the cold, and if red, rough patches appear regularly on your body, you most certainly have dry skin. To restore supple, comfortable skin, use a nourishing skin care product every day, both in the morning and in the evening.


Skin type can change over the years: if at the age of 20 you had oily skin, it may become dry as you mature. So make sure you renew your beauty routine and carry out diagnostics from time to time.

Dehydrated skin: how to recognise it?

If, on the other hand, all these little annoyances are new, there is a good chance that your body is simply dehydrated! This is a temporary condition that can be caused by the change of season, a reaction to a new beauty product or unusual exposure to the sun. Stick to your nourishing routine until things get back to normal, then return to your usual moisturising products.

If you're still unsure about your skin type, visit your local Adopt shop to get advice from our skin care advisors.

What are the best ingredients to use in a nourishing skin care product?

How to recognize a nourishing skin care product?

Nourishing body care products often come in the form of creamy creams or oils. Dry oils are particularly popular: they nourish without leaving a greasy, sticky effect. Whatever you choose, opt for rich, sensory compositions that comfort your skin and protect it from external aggressions.

Choose natural skin care products

In order to avoid damaging the fragile and sensitive skin of your body, compositions based on natural and organic ingredients are to be preferred. At Adopt, we formulate our creams, milks and nourishing body butters with ingredients as close to nature as possible and vegan. Our products are created and manufactured in France and contained in 100% recyclable packaging.

Which active ingredients to choose?

For the treatment to be most effective, it is necessary to choose the right active ingredients! Among the most nourishing natural ingredients, we find shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil: active ingredients that Adopt has chosen to use to take care of you.

Which nourishing body care product should I choose at Adopt?

Nourishing body lotion

The creamy texture of the nourishing body lotion is perfect for nourishing your body on a daily basis, without leaving a greasy finish. Wrap your legs in the

Super Karité repairing body milk to repair and protect your body throughout the day. Its organic formula made with 99% natural ingredients respects your sensitive body and the planet. Your body is sublimated, as soft as satin and perfumed with a subtle and greedy shea butter scent.

The nourishing body butter

The body butter intensely nourishes your sensitive and irritated body. Both soothing and repairing, the

Super karité butter repairs, softens and nourishes the driest areas. A unique texture, airy to the touch, then ultra-melting on contact with the skin is the key. A formula based on organic shea butter and composed of 100% natural ingredients from fair trade and certified Cosmos Natural!

Nourishing oil

To nourish your body even more intensely, succumb to the

Power argan nourishing and soothing oil. Its velvety texture helps you to instantly relieve your irritated legs and arms. Organic, vegan and fairly produced, the oil is as gentle on your body as it is on the planet.

Tip: for a soothing beauty ritual, apply your oil with a few self-massage gestures.

A touch of sunshine with monoi

In summer, pure Adopt monoi is the ultimate beauty secret! It makes tanning easier while preventing your body and hair from drying out due to the marine cocktail of salt water and sunlight. In its version with

Monoï blanc, coconut oil moisturises, nourishes, soothes and repairs. Tiaré flower leaves a soft sophisticated scent. For fragrant notes of mandarin, vanilla and gardenia monoi, succumb to the delicate Monoï des îles


Tip: to perfume your body and hair with a sensual, floral, oriental and solar fragrance, discover the
eau de parfum monoï des îles.


A pearly and nourished body with glittery dry oils

To feel like you're on holiday all year round, indulge in our pearly, glittery dry oils. Not only will their sun-kissed scent make you feel like you're still under the sun, but their iridescent finish will enhance your tan. After intense exposure to UV rays, your body is moisturised and deeply nourished. The result? You'll have a tanned complexion well into winter!

For a gourmand and floral oil, with the scent of coffee latte, orange blossom, jasmine and vanilla, choose Lady Glitter. If you prefer to wrap yourself in the sunny scents of neroli, almond milk and tiare flower, the Fleur de tiaré oil will make you happy.

Tip: Shake the oil well before use so that all the pearls mix with the product.

Complete your skin care routine with Adopt

Nourishing hand care

For a nourishing routine right down to the tips of your nails, wrap your hands in the creamy Super Shea Hand Balm. Formulated with organic shea butter and natural ingredients, it is enriched with vitamin D to deeply repair your hands.

Nourishing hair and body care

For a nourishing and repairing beauty ritual in the shower, put together your body care set with :

- the


Nourishing face care

If your face needs nourishment too, check out Adopt's nourishing face care range. The Baby, it's cold outside repair mask gives your skin a glow while eliminating feelings of discomfort. To give your lips such a nourishing care ritual, discover the collection of moisturising balms with sweet, exotic or gourmand scents.