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Fleur de cerisier

Eau de parfum 30 ml
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Musc blanc

Eau de parfum
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Oui je le veux

Eau de parfum glittery
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La vie bohème

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My rose

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Love infusion

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Musc de rose

Eau de parfum 30 ml
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Pamplemousse grenade

Eau de parfum 30ml
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Olfactory journey around the musk perfume

With its soothing yet seductive scent, musk is one of the most widely used fragrances in perfumery and cosmetics. From the Persian word "musk", it has an almost mystical DNA and runs through the entire olfactory pyramid to support the other heart notes, top notes and base notes.

Natural musk and black musk have a very strong, animalic scent. White musk, on the other hand, has a subtle, airy scent and thus works well with most essences and scents, including vanilla, rose or jasmine. Locked in a bottle of eau de parfum, body oil or moisturiser, white musk releases wispy, floral, fruity and powdery notes.

As a perfume designer, Adopt reveals the secrets of musk.

An overview of how musk is made

The origins of musk


The fragrance of natural musk comes from the musk deer, an animal from the mountainous regions of southern Asia. In order to seduce during the rutting season, it produces this fragrant material with warm, woody and sensual notes. This odour can be extremely strong.

The synthetic manufacture of musk

In France, musk has been cleared of all cruelty: since 1973 and the signing of the Washington Convention, musk has been produced synthetically and its natural use is strictly prohibited. You will not find any perfume or cosmetic brands with natural musk created and manufactured in France.


Macrocyclic musks, used in perfumery, offer many different scents, sometimes floral, fruity, powdery, waxy, sometimes woody, bringing round or soft notes to the fragrance.

Did you know that there is also a black musk, with a subtle and pronounced oriental and spicy wood scent? A fragrance shipped from the heights of Kashmir, black musk is an exceptional product with a higher price tag.

White musk, a fragrance with a fresh and sensual DNA

Musk: a scent for women or for men?

Musk perfume for men


In men, the musk DNA is strong and reminiscent of virility. We find it in the base note, generally associated with woody scents, oud wood, tonka bean and coffee.

Musk perfume for women

For women, the musk DNA combines sensuality with a hint of mystery. Musk fragrances are often associated with character notes such as amber or oud, but also sweet and floral notes such as rose, jasmine, orange blossom or even more gourmand notes of vanilla or peach.

Musk: between spirituality, softness and sensuality

Musk: a traditional fragrance in Islam


Before it was shipped to the great perfumeries of Paris, the scent of musk was one of the most popular perfumes of the East. In the Muslim religion, the prophet used to smear himself with musk and considered it the best perfume. Tahara musk, which can be translated as "purifying musk", was also used by the oriental woman for intimate hygiene. During the golden age of Islam, musk was also very popular among members of high society. Its scent perfumed living spaces, clothes and skin. In addition to its olfactory properties, it was also used in medicine for healing purposes.

Wrap yourself in the freshness of musk for a delicate and reassuring moment

Evoking purity, white musk is very often associated with clean smells. Without even knowing it, we often find it in scented candles or in body care products.

Treat yourself to a moment of delicacy by wrapping your skin in a musk-scented moisturiser or oil.

Seduce on a date with the fragrance of musk


Just as in nature where it originally comes from, whether it's about desire or love, musk perfume is your ally in seduction! Perfume your skin with the eau de parfum box
Paris Rêverie or  to enchant your partner with the universal language of this fragrance.

Use of musk in perfumery and cosmetics

A fragrance with multiple olfactory properties

Olfactory properties of white musk as a base note

In a balancing act, perfume brands place white musk in the base note, to release the full expressiveness of the top and middle notes. The musk perfume bottle can also contain other strong fragrances such as tonka bean, oud, wood and amber as base notes, especially in perfumes with a more characterful DNA or intended for men.

Olfactory properties of white musk in the top note

In musk fragrances, we generally find top notes of many fruits. More or less acidic depending on the interpretation, we generally find blackcurrant and pomegranate,

the grapefruit, bergamot, or lemon, but also leather.

Olfactory properties of white musk in the middle note


In an eau de parfum, the heart notes are often extracted from flowers such as lily, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, cherry blossom, orange blossom or exotic flowers. These delicate flowers are handled with the utmost care. For a more gourmand and rounded DNA, some brands add vanilla essence to their musk perfume bottles.

In cosmetics

The virtues of musk are not only olfactory: it will bring freshness and voluptuousness to your skin care products, body creams, shower oil or other cosmetics.

Perfume or eau de parfum with musk: what to choose?

The name depends on the percentage of dilution in a 90 degree alcohol solution. Perfume has a higher concentration than eau de parfum and eau de toilette. The latter will thus have more discreet, fresh and light olfactory properties.