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Sacré flatteur ! Sacré flatteur !

Sacré flatteur !

High-coverage liquid corrector
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Covercorrect Covercorrect correcteur liquide haute couvrance adopt'


High coverage liquid concealer
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Concealer & corrector

Enhance your look with the adopted concealer


The concealer is a must have in your beauty products. It aims to reduce shadows and bags under the eyes. It is a must have not to be neglected. The concealer magnifies the volumes of your face and highlights your eyes. Get a fresh, new look. Wipe away all traces of fatigue that can be seen around your eyes. You can also add luminosity to your eyes by applying multiple shades and hide the puffy effect. You should choose a concealer that matches your skin tone and a second one that is a little lighter. This will help brighten your eyes.


Dark circles before or after foundation?


You can use foundation as a corrector, but the result will not be the same, as it will be less natural. If you want to choose only one product, opt for the anti dark circle, it will camouflage the shadowy areas under the eyes but it will also serve to correct the imperfections and redness.


But to answer the question, it's best to apply the concealer after the foundation. Indeed, the texture of the concealer is finer than that of the foundation. As a result, the foundation may displace the concealer further when you want to place it in a specific spot to hide the blemish. In conclusion, for a precise and localized application, prioritize concealer after foundation. In addition, it is essential to set the concealer with a loose or fine compact powder to avoid shifting during the day.


The anti dark circles from adopt


Discover the anti dark circles adopt for a sublimated look and a guaranteed healthy glow. With a brush or sponge, apply it to even out your skin tone. Add a touch of sunpowder and a little mascara and you're ready for a beautiful day!


The Covercorrect high coverage liquid concealer conceals imperfections and reduces the appearance of dark circles. This new generation concealer combines a light, fluid texture with a highly concentrated formula of color pigments, providing intense coverage and a zero-matter feel Dark circles and imperfections are immediately neutralized and the eye contour is smoothed. The complexion is corrected and perfectly matte.


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