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Rose ballerine
Jolie frimousse
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Little sugar Little sugar

Little sugar

Eau de Parfum 30ml + Shower Gel Set
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Little sugar Little sugar - eau de toilette 30 ml
Children's perfume

The children's eau de toilette for the pretty ones


Children are introduced to the world of scent from a very early age. Although this is a recent concept, many perfume houses have adapted it. Let yourself be tempted by the scents of our range of perfumes dedicated to children. You will find, like our eau de toilette Jolie frimousse or Rose Ballerine, a feeling of comfort with notes of pear, lily of the valley and hazelnut. A harmonious and pleasant scent, perfect for your children to create memories.


When memories have a smell


Smell is a sense that is part of the olfactory memory. Indeed, the smells can leave good memories to these future adults. A good way to remember your childhood and to pass on these scents from generation to generation.


Prevention for children's toilet water


Adopt pays close attention to the components of children's toilet water. It contains less alcohol and fewer chemicals. The Jolie frimousse" fragrance is less strong which allows the child to get used to it. The eaux de toilette for children have been designed for children from 3 years old.

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