A golden Christmas

The magic of our gift sets

Looking for inspiration for Christmas? Discover our magical range of luminous gift sets! Perfume waters, hand creams, shower gels, milks and creams, fall in love with scented combos, designed for all desires and all budgets! What makes them special? Perfume and facial care boxes guaranteed to be plastic-free. For a 100% successful responsible holiday!

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A selection of enchanted gift sets

Save €3.90
Eau de Parfum 30ml + Shower Gel 250 ml + Body Milk
Worth: €24.85
Save €2.95
Vanille bourbon collector
Worth: €15.90
Cœur à cœur
Cœur à cœur
Eau de parfum 30ml

The magic of Christmas is priceless!

Want to spoil your loved ones on a budget? Cover them with hot attentions for less than 15 €: surprise crackers, bath bombs, divine candles, scented lip balms or greedy hand creams. A shower of enchanting (and affordable) gifts for the whole family to enjoy!

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New products not to miss


Bright, assertive, irresistible, play the glamour card with Sublimissime, our new fragrance line. For Christmas gifts that are inevitably ... sublime!

<strong>Vanille collector limited edition</strong>
Vanille collector limited edition

You love it all year round, but at Christmas, it will blow you away! For the occasion, our women's fragrance Vanille bourbon puts on its festive outfit. Who's going to shine?

<strong>Now or never</strong>
Now or never

For him, for them, for all those you love, discover Now or never, the new fresh and sensual eau de parfum for men who live their lives to the fullest!

<strong>New york fever</strong>
New york fever

Come celebrate Christmas on the rooftops of the Big Apple with New York fever, our new eau de parfum created for all extroverts! The party can begin!


Make your loved ones happy in a few clicks!

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1 year of perfumes to win

A shower of gifts is falling from the sky. Quick, grab as many as you can. Are they in your basket? You've won! Take part in our wonderful Christmas game and try to win 1 year of perfumes. Yes, 1 year!

Looking for a fragrance for Christmas?

A fragrant gift for an enchanted Christmas

As the days grow shorter and the trees light up, the elves are busy preparing the gifts to give us a perfect Christmas. In the shops, it's a hive of activity, with passers-by lingering in front of the offers, searching for hours for the perfect gift to put under the tree. Because Christmas presents can be a tedious task, why not offer your loved ones a fragrant atmosphere with our intoxicatingly scented eaux de parfums?

This year, Adopt' Parfums promises a golden Christmas with its gift sets, beauty products, make-up palettes and scented candles that will delight men and women with their eclectic fragrances.

Discover original and personalised gifts with Adopt' Parfums.

The perfume box: offer a traditional gift at the foot of the Christmas tree

Which perfume to choose to immerse yourself in the scents of Christmas?

The end of year festivities intoxicate us with sensory traditions that awaken our memories of winters past. While the Christmas tree and Christmas lights set the scene for the festivities, the scents of winter also take us back to childhood. Among the fragrances that are emblematic of the magic of the Christmas season, we find for example :


-> the fireplace, whose woody scents are reflected in our box and our eau de parfum, available in 30ml format;
-> the cinnamon emblematic of the gingerbread houses of Saint Nicholas, whose notes dress our eau de parfum
-> citrus fruits, which adorn Christmas tables and whose notes enhance the eau de parfum Mandarine pétillante and our eau de parfum box New York fever ; 
-> hot chocolate, whose sweet fragrances are found in our eau de parfum, shower gel and bath flower box, limited edition;
-> pine thorns, which adorn the forest floor and whose resinous scent can be found in our eau de parfums


Eau de parfum: the ultimate beauty accessory

Because the festive season is the perfect opportunity for men and women to dress up in their finest attire, giving a bottle of perfume or a box of skincare products is the perfect opportunity to dress up your guests' outfits with a delicate fragrance.

With our make-up palettes, beauty products and accessories, fashion and beauty become an integral part of the Christmas festivities.

Perfume, candles, make-up and skincare: universal gifts for a golden Christmas

What perfume to give at Christmas?

If you want to give a present that will make a lasting impression, Adopt offers you the possibility of choosing a personalised gift thanks to our gift idea engine. This platform will help you create the perfect gift by selecting the recipient, the purpose of your perfume or skincare product, the tone of the product you want to give (delicate, romantic or even assertive) as well as your budget, and then compiling a list of 100% personalised ideas from the available offers.

For women, men and even children, discover our long list of fragrance boxes that fit all profiles.

Make-up, unique fragrances and refined perfumes: our selection for women


To seduce the women in your life, opt for a
make-up palette, a eau de parfum box with beauty products, a eau de parfum for women, a product for facial care or one of our scented candles, for a memorable Christmas that enhances the home, body and face of women of all ages.

Perfume box: a 100% masculine gift

Because men also like to take care of themselves, discover our masculine fragrances by choosing a box of three perfumes available for the collections

Le trio pour homme and Summer Homme, or opt for our offers for men that will delight their recipient.

At Christmas, give your children the fragrance of their first eau de parfum


A first perfume is an olfactory memory whose scents mark us for life. This year, put a tangy fragrance under the tree and give your child their first experience of the world of perfume. With our three eau de parfum box set
, introduce the youngest to Adopt fragrances and brighten up the sweet faces of the little girls around you with our poudre de fée étoilée, available in silver, gold and pink gold editions.

Fragrant products for your end-of-year dinners


Are you organising a Secret Santa with your company or your group of friends and you don't know what gift to give? Discover our perfumed
little attentions and choose an eau de parfum with a bath ball from the collections or Yummy Candy, to slip under the miniature Christmas tree in your open space.

This year, Adopt Parfums is thinking about the planet and your budget

Affordable fragrance with our low cost gift sets


Giving high quality Christmas gifts can be expensive. Adopt promises to provide you with perfumes, candles, beauty products and accessories to suit all tastes and budgets, while preserving quality.

For a golden Christmas, choose Made in France

This year, discover perfumes that honour French know-how and respect the planet. Our eau de parfum is made in France and packaged in light glass bottles, to reveal all the secrets of exceptional fragrances, without altering their virtues. Protecting the environment is a key concern in today's world, a view shared by consumers of our Adopt products.

Surprise gifts under the tree from Adopt Parfums

Our advent and post advent calendars to prolong the magic of Christmas


The magical atmosphere of Christmas just needs to be prolonged! To make it last, discover the Adopt calendar, but also our
post-holiday calendar to delay the end of the holidays and discover a new perfume every day.

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