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Born to be fresh

Mattifying moisturizer 50ml
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Moisturising face care: the essential product

If you had to keep only one product in your beauty routine, it would be a moisturiser! Whether your skin is normal, dry, combination, oily, young or older, moisturising is the perfect part of your daily routine in the morning and at night.

Adopt has designed a range of moisturising products to give your face a glow. Creams, balms or masks, discover a whole range of natural, vegan and made in France moisturising facial care products!

Moisturising: a universal need

Moisturising your skin is the number one beauty gesture for a fresh and radiant complexion! Our epidermis is made up of a hydrolipidic film: a mixture of sebum, composed of fatty acids, and sweat, composed of water. This film acts as a natural protective barrier. During the day, the water contained in our tissues evaporates more or less quickly depending on the temperature, wind, pollution, etc. In order to avoid skin dryness, it is therefore necessary to maintain a good level of hydration. If you do not take care of your skin, you will very quickly feel discomfort, tightness and you will also notice the appearance of redness, fine lines or imperfections.

For hydrated, supple, plump and luminous skin, apply your moisturiser every day, in the morning and at night. A tip: remember to drink enough water too!

Choosing a moisturiser

What skincare routine should I use?


There are many products with a moisturising effect: creams, serums, masks, etc. For best results, each product should be applied in a specific order. Remove your skin with a
oil or micellar water, clean it with a gel, then soothe your face with a lotion, a floral water or thermal water. Finally, prepare your skin for the moisturiser with a serum.

Choose a composition based on natural ingredients


Whatever your skin type, compositions based on natural or even organic ingredients are to be preferred. At Adopt Parfums, we choose ingredients that are as close to nature as possible and vegan. Our products are created and manufactured in France and contained in 100% recyclable packaging.


Choose a skin care product adapted to your skin type

Find the ritual that suits you


For maximum radiance, it is necessary to choose a skin care product adapted to your skin type. Contrary to popular belief, all skin types need hydration, even oily skin! However, depending on your skin type, your skin will not react to all skin care products in the same way. Similarly, depending on the condition of your skin and its needs, your beauty routine will include more or less products. Indeed, the application of a serum is not always compulsory, as is the use of face masks. So it's up to you to find the ritual that suits you: the one that will simply make you glow!

Moisturising care for normal skin


If you're lucky enough to have skin that doesn't suffer from any problems, opt for a day cream with a light, fluid texture. For your night-time routine, you can give your skin an extra touch of moisture with a serum containing hyaluronic acid, which deeply hydrates and prevents the first signs of ageing such as wrinkles or fine lines.

Moisturising care for dry skin

Dry skin needs care products with smooth, comforting textures. Therefore, opt for heavier creams or even a more nourishing balm. You can turn to creams with an aloe vera or shea base. Hyaluronic acid is also your ally!

Moisturising care for combination to oily skin

Combination to oily skin reacts better to airy compositions. For your day care, turn to a mattifying fluid cream that regulates excess sebum. For your night care, you can use a slightly richer texture if you feel the need.

Moisturising eye contour care

The eye area is particularly sensitive and requires special moisturising. Whatever your skin type, using an eye contour cream will help reduce fine lines and puffiness, reduce signs of fatigue and the first signs of aging, and bring radiance to your eyes.

Adopt's Best Moisturising Facials

At Adopt, we are committed to providing you with the best for your skin! From soothing and mattifying creams to refreshing masks and ultra-hydrating serums. Everything you need to take care of your face and have a radiant complexion all year round.

Face cream

Moisturising cream

Born to be fresh is perfect for combination and oily skin! Its formula with white clay, jojoba oil and aloe vera moisturises, purifies, mattifies and refines your skin texture in one step. Your skin is moisturised and matified all day long.

Directions for use: warm a small amount of product between your hands to make its texture more fluid and facilitate its penetration. Massage the product into your skin in small circular motions to stimulate blood circulation, avoiding the eye area.


For a complete moisturising and purifying routine, discover the entire Adopt
Born to be fresh range consisting of the purifying cleansing gel, lotion, scrub and moisturising masks. 

Moisturizing aftershave balm


To cut through the razor burn, it is necessary to deeply moisturise your skin! Face cream
French Barber is designed for all skin types, from dry and normal to combination and oily. Infused with aloe vera, the cream moisturises and soothes the skin. It also leaves a soft, masculine scent of mandarin, tonka bean, patchouli and clary sage. For a beauty routine entirely perfumed with these scents, discover the French Barber set. In its brown leather case, it contains the aftershave balm, the shower gel and the perfume: the ideal gift to offer or to receive.

Face Mask

In addition to daily moisturising, it is important to apply a moisturising mask once a week or even every fortnight. The 

Hydra cadabra mask instantly replenishes your skin with a formula packed with water, bergamot and aloe vera.


Directions for use: apply an even layer of the mask to your face, avoiding the eye area, wait 10 minutes and then rinse with water.


The Hydra cadabra mask is also available in
fabric version
: handy to take with you everywhere!


Complete your skin care routine with Adopt

Other facial care products

At Adopt, there is a solution for every skin type and every problem. If you need to plump and smooth your skin, the Repulp Action range is for you! To free your skin from daily impurities, turn to anti-pollution products
Detox and the city. Finally, if you want to give your face a new glow, look for the Yes you glow range. 


To take care of your lips, especially in winter, discover the collection of
baumes hydratants
with sweet, exotic or gourmet scents.


Accessories to enhance the effects of your skin care products


Did you know that skincare accessories help you get the most out of your products?


Equip yourself with :

Moisturising the body


Why stop there? To moisturise your whole body, Adopt has also created complete ranges to pamper and care for all skin types. For the hydration of your legs, discover the
body milks and creams delicately flavoured whipped cream. For a lighter texture, especially in summer, choose the frosted jellies


For a moisturizing shower ritual, discover :


Body care products are also available in
, to treat yourself or your loved ones!


Finally, for a moisturising routine right down to the tips of your nails, try the
hand and nail creams.


Visit your local shop or our website to create a tailor-made moisturising routine made in France.