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Ideal Color Shadow Ideal Color Shadow

Ideal Color Shadow

Fard à paupières stick waterproof tenue 10h
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Cream eyeshadow Cream eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadow

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Fard a paupières stick adopt' x caroline n°1 woody adopt'
Victim of its own success
Ombre a paupières color shadow essential mono - adopt'

Color shadow essential mono

Powder eyeshadow
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Victim of its own success
Ombre a paupieres stick waterproof - color shadow ultimate 24h adopt'

Color shadow ultimate 24h

Eye shadow stick
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The history of eye shadow


The eyeshadow was born in 2500 Egypt. At that time, the eye shadow was colored, green, black or red. In addition to sublimating the eye, it protected it. The eye shadow was made of copper, manganese, iron or lead. Its purpose was to protect the eye from external aggression such as the sun or wind. It was during the Renaissance period that white eyeshadow became a symbol of nobility and became increasingly popular. Nowadays, eye shadow is no longer used for therapeutic purposes but for aesthetic purposes. The eye shadow allows you to color your eyelids. It is found in powder form. You can apply it with brushes or with your fingers. It has become a makeup essential.


Eye shadow for all occasions


With the multitude of variations that exist, it is relatively easy to find an eyeshadow for all occasions. From metallic colors for parties, to matte colors for work, to shiny colors for chic parties, adopt offers a wide selection of products to satisfy all your needs. Compact and easy to carry, there's no excuse not to give yourself a makeover before every event. Eyeshadow has become a way to express your creativity and personality. Apply it at your convenience and according to what you want to reflect.


Adopt eye shadows


Eye shadow is the essential you need for an intense look! Discover more than 30 enchanting shades to enhance your eye color. And for a doe-eyed effect, add a pretty line of eyeliner and a coat of mascara. Discover the new solo eyeshadow range with 18 pearlescent, matte and glittery shades, perfect for creating your most beautiful day and evening looks. Don't hesitate and dare to change your look according to your desires thanks to this wide range of colors!


Discover the eye shadow. Intense color, extreme hold and easy application, this is the essential asset for a perfect makeup that lasts all day! Its creamy texture glides on the eyelid and deposits intense color from the first application without overloading with material or marking creases. The waterproof formula lasts for 24 hours and is water resistant to accompany you in all seasons. Easy to use with its pen tip and retractable lead, it can be applied in a simple gesture!


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