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Patchouly rose - eau de parfum 30 ml

Patchouly rose

Eau de parfum 30 ml
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Extrême sensation Extrême sensation

Extrême sensation

Eau de parfum
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Musc de rose - eau de parfum 30ml adopt'

Musc de rose

Eau de parfum 30 ml
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Amber fragrance: a journey through the scents of woody vanilla

Ambergris is a rare material: only between 1 and 5% of sperm whales produce it, which makes it extremely valuable. In this context, the scent of amber is frequently reproduced synthetically, making its fragrance more affordable. With its origins in the Middle Ages, ambergris was first used for its pharmaceutical and medicinal properties. It is famous for its unique, oriental scent. Suitable for both men and women, amber perfume offers several floral or more intense olfactory notes to take you on a journey to the far reaches of the Orient.

Discover the secrets of amber and succumb to its astonishing combinations of fragrances and scents, individually or in a box with Adopt.

The origins of amber: the journey of a bewitching perfume


In perfumery, of all the existing varieties, ambergris is used. Although the best known is amber with orange variations, it is only used for the creation of jewellery and cannot be used for perfume. Ambergris is a material produced from the undigested discards of sperm whales, which eventually oxidise and harden on the seabed with the help of salt in the water. Found in the form of fragments or blocks of varying size floating in the water, ambergris is a rare product for the manufacture of perfumes and is sold at a premium.

The uses of amber in the medieval East

Because of its many medicinal and aromatic benefits, amber has been used throughout the ages.


Amber for medicine

In the 18th and 19th centuries, ambergris was used to make many remedies, particularly for muscle spasms, tension and headaches. It also has aphrodisiac properties and is one of the best kept secrets of youth. Administered by inhalation, fumigation or friction, it multiplies its benefits.

Amber for perfume


The interest in amber in perfumery has its origins in 9th century Baghdad, when it was classified as one of the main aromatic substances after musk, Oud, saffron or camphor. Amber was at the heart of pre-Islamic literature and poetry: it was associated with musk and incense, which made up the ġāliya, the renowned perfume of the time. Some perfumes were made specifically for kings and important people, which gave it the reputation of a luxurious fragrance.

What does amber smell like?


Halfway between musk and vanilla in perfumery, amber is often a fixing base for the perfume in which it is present. Amber is associated with more volatile fragrances and this is what makes them last longer on the skin. Generally speaking, the scent of amber is supported by its mixture with notes of patchouli, vanilla or musk, which gives it oriental olfactory impressions and a woody atmosphere.

The details of a unique fragrance that make it special: amber and its oriental scents


Originally, in its natural environment and in its raw form, amber does not have a very desirable scent. However, when recovered and dried, its scents are revealed in amazing olfactory notes and scents, giving it a powerful essence similar to sandalwood and musk. Tobacco and spices in the base note, combined with a warm, gourmand vanilla fragrance, will take you to the four corners of the Middle East.

Amber and its surprising olfactory associations


Depending on your desires, amber can easily be combined with other refined essences. For a light, characterful amber ambiance, opt for notes of rose, jasmine or magnolia, offering you an unprecedented floral bouquet. Mixed with the intensity of sandalwood in the base note, these fragrances offer a sensual and sustained olfactory experience. For a more masculine fragrance, notes of cedarwood, white musk or patchouli will enhance the concentration of the scent.

Mixed perfume and eau de parfum with amber notes

Adopt has developed amber assortments with French know-how. Succumb to its powerful fragrances or to its sweet, more acidic scents, individually or in a box.

Hold Up eau de parfum bottle for men: the alliance between freshness and power

With a bewitching note of amber and patchouli in the background, let yourself be tempted by the olfactory flavours of cardamom in the heart note and apple in the top note with the perfume

Hold Up.

Fleur d'Oranger Eau de Parfum for Women: Spicy Citrus Scent

Set off on a sunny reverie by beginning your journey of

with subtle top notes of bergamot, fig leaf, lavender and grapefruit. Continue with a refreshingly sweet scent of orange blossom in the heart note, combined with the scent of jasmine, lily of the valley and rose delicately layered on the base notes of patchouli, white musk and sandalwood.

Eau de parfum Oud ambré: the Tropics in a bottle

For a powerful, stealthy getaway, the focus is on patchouli and Oud in the middle note. In the top note, experience cardamom and nutmeg, then finish with the base notes of amber, white musk and vanilla. Escape to the tropics with your

Oud ambré.


What scent does solar amber have?

The eau de parfum Merveilles des îles of the solar amber edition will make you succumb to its summery and floral scent. The Ambre fleur d'oranger perfume collection will accompany you in your warm summer evenings in a delicate blend of acidulous, sweet and spicy notes.