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The eyebrow palette that sculpts and sublimates!

Eyebrow Palette and Fixing Wax - Intense Mocha
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Sublime Layout

Eyebrow pencil
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Précision ultime

The long-lasting eyebrow pencil
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What a champion!

Micro-pigmented eyebrow marker
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Alert me

A divine definition!

Eyebrow Mascara
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The rise of eyebrow makeup


The trend went from lightly drawn eyebrows on the top of the arch to very thin and short eyebrows, mainly during the Roaring Twenties. During the 40's, the fashion was to keep lines on which women let their eyebrows grow and thicken. In the 90's, it's the place for thin eyebrows and waxing for a perfect line. And finally during the years 2000-2010 it is the great return of thick and provided eyebrows often thickened with the pencil.


Why make up your eyebrows?


The eyes are an essential part of your beauty routine. It is therefore necessary to work on it with consideration in order to magnify it. Everything can be done on the eyebrows, since makeup can modify your natural line that you do not like or modify a case of failed waxing. Putting makeup on your eyebrows is also a way to achieve a no makeup look on days when you don't feel like putting on makeup. Indeed, the look is immediately highlighted. Eyebrows give a fresh, awakened look to the face and complexion. While bushy eyebrows will give your eyes a tired look. This is why a brow makeover is more than necessary.


Eyebrow makeover with adopt


Discover a selection of products to sublimate your eyebrows, during the day and in the evening. For a stunning look, add a touch of  mascara or eyeliner: cat eyes effect guaranteed! The range of mini eyebrow pencils is rich in colored pigments. These pencils will help you fill in and reshape your eyebrows for a perfectly highlighted look. The coverage is adjustable to the intensity you are looking for! For perfectly defined brows, discover the new Ideal Brow Precise Liner, a retractable eyebrow pencil with a brush tip to perfectly shape and structure your eyebrows. Its extra-fine lead, which adapts to all eyebrows, allows a line with extreme precision. It fills in and defines your eyebrows perfectly. The application is uniform and the coverage is adjustable. With the brush tip, you can blend and brush your brows for a perfect, ultra-natural finish.


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