At Adopt Parfums, perfume creation is a matter for the experts. The design of our fragrances requires numerous steps and is based on perfumer know-how developed over nearly 40 years
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At the start, an emotion

At the heart of our creations? A story, an emotion that we want to share with as many people as possible. From a painting, an encounter, a landscape, Adopt Parfums' Paris-based olfactory cell sets intentions, desires, a need. She imagines a set of specifications to literally "put a scent" on what was originally just an idea, and bring it to life in a bottle.

Signature creations

From then on, real teamwork began. Based in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, or in Paris, the artisans of the composition Houses with which we collaborate come together to imagine, create, retranscribe the initial impulse. Then begins a long stage of development and co-creation that can last up to 12 months! Like a rough stone to be faceted, the fragrance is chiseled, the olfactory pyramid outlined, to become a unique perfume, endowed with singular nuances

Made in France

At Adopt Parfums, we are proud to claim that our perfumes are 100% French, manufactured in our locally based factories. From conception to bottling, our passionate and committed teams work daily to develop and manufacture more than 12 new signature creations a year.


Accessibility is priceless!

Since our inception, we have remained true to our model of accessibility and our values of inclusivity. With adopt, no overpriced muse or ostentatious bottles. We focus our know-how, creativity, emotions and energy on designing the high-quality fragrances we offer our customers. It's for them, for their right to indulge themselves, to feel beautiful whatever their budget, that we offer our 30 ml eaux de parfums created and made in France, at 10.95 euros. Not a penny more. This is also our idea of a modern perfumery.

Innovating for tomorrow

Committed to an eco-design approach, and never compromising between quality and pleasure, we develop sustainable formulas, in packaging with limited environmental impact, that revolutionize market codes.

Our goal: Acting to bring you the most responsible quality fragrances on the market
Our fragrances
Our fragrances
A commitment to improving our environmental performance
For packaging
Incarnating our ecological aspirations from the outset, our fragrances are sold in a minimalist, lightweight bottle, with no over-packaging, no sophistication. Since 2023, we have been progressively replacing our hood material, and our pumps and hoods are sourced in Europe to reduce environmental impact
For the formula

Since 2023, our alcohol has been made from French beet, reducing our water impact compared with our previous wheat-based alcohol. Our formulas contain no colorants or sunscreens. With our Fragrance Houses, we are making progress on the composition of fragrance concentrates by integrating natural ingredients from responsible crops and creating according to the principles of green chemistry

Our treatments and cosmetics
Our treatments & cosmetics
Sober packs and carefully selected ingredients
For packaging
To design our packs, we practice the 3R philosophy: reduce, reuse, recycle. We reduce packaging by avoiding all superfluous packaging. We reuse, giving priority to recycled materials, such as the glass in our pot masks. We recycle by using recyclable materials for our care
For the formula
Our skincare and make-up products meet exacting specifications. Today, 85% of our formulas are made with over 85% ingredients of natural origin. Other skincare products have the ECOCERT COSMOS NATURAL or ORGANIC label, ensuring that our formulas are natural, with ingredients grown without GMOs or even organically grown
Transforming waste into raw materials
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In perfumery, upcycling (or overcycling) is the technique of reusing waste as raw materials for new creations. Our Monoï des îles eau de parfum is a perfect illustration of this approach, with 11 upcycled ingredients. Like turpentine extract from waste paper and cardboard. Or clove essential oil, derived from the fallen leaves of the clove tree
Travel collection
Les Voyages collection
The avant-garde of recycled glass in perfumery
For the formula
In 2021, Adopt Parfums launched Les Voyages, a collection marked by an innovative approach: bottles made from 90% recycled glass, including 60% PCR (from household waste) and 30% PIR (from industrial waste). An unprecedented innovation in the perfumery sector, awarded a Gold Award at the CosmétiqueMag Awards in the Eco-responsible Perfume Packaging category
Shea butter
At the heart of our committed care range
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These SUPER KARITE skincare products with super ingredients are COSMOS NATURAL certified and meet controlled specifications. Our shea butter producer works with 180 cooperatives of around 20,000 women in Ghana and Burkina Faso. The company supports them in the production of quality artisanal butter, and helps finance concrete and useful community projects
argan oil
Argan oil
Yellow gold from a local initiative
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Our Argan oil is produced by a community of 600 women in Morocco. Each year, these women are invited to share their ideas for the use of the fair trade fund, which will then finance numerous initiatives that contribute to their development. These POWER ARGAN skin care products with their many benefits are COSMO NATURAL certified, a guarantee of ethical production standards