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Paper nail file

Thick paper nail file with fine grains
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4-sided polisher
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Press-on nails

Pack of 12 natural effect false nails
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Nail accessories

The essential manicure accessories for a beautiful nails


In order to keep your nails healthy, it is essential to provide daily care. Manicure care includes at least: nail cutting, nail filing, nail cuticle removal or the application of creams, ointments or nail polish. A successful manicure always starts with clean and complete manicure accessories. Without the right accessories, your nails will not have the beauty and vitality of a well-shaped nail. As a result, the application of varnish can become complicated. In addition, nail polish lasts longer with a well done manicure.


The different manicure accessories from adopt


Discover our manicure accessories for perfect nails! Files, scissors or even cuticle pushers: find all the essentials for sublimated hands. And for extreme hold, don't hesitate to apply a base and a top coat. 4 sides, 4 actions: this is the promise of this 4-sided nail polisher which files, smoothes, polishes gently the nails and makes them shine! The ideal tool for a perfect manicure and neat nails. It contains one side for filing nails, one side for smoothing nails, one side for polishing the nail surface and one side for shining nails.


A professional French manicure in 5 seconds! Available in 12 sizes, the  natural effect adapts perfectly to the shape of your nails for a perfect result in record time. In order to apply them correctly, simply spread the glue on the false nails, apply and press firmly on the nails for 15 seconds. Then file the false nails to give them the shape you like. Finish by lacquering them with colors if you feel like it and finally if you want to remove the false nails, soak your fingers in hot water for 10 minutes and gently remove.


Broken or unevenly sized nails? Quickly, draw this thick paper nail file with fine grains, which will allow you to harmonize all that! With it, your nails will be quickly shortened to the desired shape, and your manicure impeccable at the end! To use: simply draw the nail with light movements from the outside to the center of the nail. In rigid glass, you hold your ally for a perfect manicure. This glass nail file promises to shorten, file and shape your nails (whether natural or false), with precision and without splitting them. Always file your nails in the same direction, from the outside to the center, so as not to weaken them.


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