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Oud brûlant

Eau de parfum 30 ml
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Oud wood perfume: discovering a fragrance with oriental notes

Popular in Asia and especially in the Middle East, oud wood is widely used by leading perfume brands around the world. Due to its unique and luxurious character, oud is known as the black gold of perfumers. The use and knowledge of oud has been recorded for centuries in religious and medical literature. Oud is available in various forms depending on its use: bath oil, home fragrance or eau de parfum.


Through a subtle balance of amber and musk, discover the unique and characterful scent of oud wood for men and women. Discover the origin of this powerful and complex scent with a bewitching olfactory return.


Take an oriental journey of well-being, under the starry skies of the Middle East. Perfume, eau de parfum or pharmaceutical care, discover the virtues of oud, used for centuries in Asian and Oriental beauty products.

What is the origin of oud? In the heart of a wood with oriental scents


Originating from the Arab 'al-oud', oud is popular in the Middle East, where it has been used for over 3,000 years for its woody, spicy fragrance. The tree species from which it is extracted are rare, including Aquilaria, which is found in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Oud: a precious, spicy-scented resin from South Asia

Oud is created from calambrac wood, which is formed by a resinous secretion in the heart of the tree when it is infected or in danger. A tree that has suffered trauma will secrete a unique and highly sought after resin. However, only 1 in 100 trees have this resin, making it an extremely rare product, thus enhancing its inestimable value.


The extraction of oud is a very complex procedure: to avoid removing healthy wood, there are now producers of oud wood who only remove the useful part of the tree, leaving the healthy part intact.

Original uses of oud

Oud wood, also known as agarwood or aloe wood, has a multitude of spiritual and medicinal uses.


Coveted for its amber and cedar notes, oud has religious connotations, particularly in Buddhism, where it is used as incense to accompany meditations with its delicate, intoxicating scent. There is also bakhour, specific to Muslim culture, which is used to perfume clothes and hair with a pleasant and lasting scent. Oud wood is often combined with jasmine and sandalwood to create oud, a softer, sweeter scent. Oud can also be used in the form of an oil to be incorporated into your baths.

Which perfume smells like oud?

Oud wood perfume is a combination of amber and musk attar. Derived from Arabic, attar is a non-alcoholic perfume used in the Middle East. The natural scent of oud is unique and expensive, and is reserved for luxury brands due to the rarity of the material, which is explained by the fact that the trees that produce oud are now protected.


There are, however, reconstituted oud scents that replicate this delicate fragrance at a more affordable price.
But what are the fragrances that make up oud?

Characteristic cedar intoxication: notes of patchouli and sandalwood


Oud offers an amazing collection of fragrances in the field of perfumery. Let yourself be enchanted by a woody and sensual base on a warm oriental day: a unique experience offered by a rare and sacred wood. Find a touch of sandalwood, cedar or patchouli revisited and modernised in a spicy case.

Perfume and eau de parfum with oud wood for men and women: a mixed fragrance


In the refined field of perfumery, oud is positioned as a mixed scent, for both men and women, offering a diversity of uses through several surprising associations.

Combine oud with other olfactory families for a subtle return


To perfect the fragrance of oud wood, you can combine it with different noble materials such as rose or bergamot to give this powerful note a light and feminine touch. To reveal a more virile and full-bodied character, opt for a note of leather or zaafaran, the Arabic word for saffron.

What is the best fragrance with oud wood notes for women in 2022?

Adopt offers you its collection of oriental-sounding woody oud fragrances: Oud Brûlant eau de parfum and Oud Ambré eau de parfum.

Oud Brûlant eau de parfum for women: smoky notes of leather and vanilla

Rediscover the power and sensuality of this fragrance with a scent of smoked leather in the heart note and vanilla in the base note:

Oud Brûlant.Treat yourself to a captivating and intense immersion in seduction.

Oud Ambré Eau de Parfum for men and women: subtle vanilla notes

Discover an original oriental fragrance with Oud and patchouli in the heart note, cardamom and nutmeg in the top note, subtly associated with a note of amber, labdanum, white musk and vanilla in the base note of this harmony of blends:

Oud ambré.