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Nourishing face cream: the best way to take care of your skin

The professionals' opinions are unanimous: to have a radiant face and a glowing skin, to fight wrinkles and the marks of age, you must take care of your face. There are a multitude of products: moisturising cream, nourishing care, mask, anti-wrinkle serum, gel, scrub, balm, organic product, anti-ageing: choosing a nourishing product adapted to your skin is sometimes risky.

As the beauty of your skin has a price, Adopt shares with you some tips on how to take care of your face with a nourishing skin care product!

How do I choose a cream for my skin?


By using an unsuitable cream, the skin of the face becomes even more fragile and the marks of age become more deeply rooted. You need to find the right cream or oil to help you care for your face. A well-chosen skincare product, as well as the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair, will keep you looking beautiful, no matter what your age! Adopt has put together a list of tips for choosing a nourishing skin cream or treatment.

Know your skin to choose the right cream


When we talk about a product for the face, there is often confusion between moisturising cream and nourishing care. However, the active ingredients are not exactly the same and you need a product that meets the real needs of your skin, just as you carefully choose a shampoo for your hair: in addition to your skin type, your lifestyle and age are important factors in determining the choice of a nourishing cream or treatment.

Not all skin types require the application of nourishing care products. Indeed, the epidermis already produces its own nutritive agent: sebum. Mixed to oily skin naturally has enough, even too much. There is therefore no need to add an extra layer of nourishing care or oil and, for these skins, moisturising care is preferred.


However, for dry skin and dry hair, a moisturiser is not enough, as the skin does not only lack water, but also nourishment.

What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different skin types and require different products. Having dehydrated skin is temporary and is often due to seasonal changes or after prolonged exposure to the sun. Your face may then have a greater need for water on a temporary basis. Dry skin, on the other hand, is a skin type. Your skin needs a regular supply of fatty substances to fix its hydration.

What's the difference between nourishing and moisturising creams in terms of price?

In fact, the prices are not the same, but this is easily explained: a nourishing product has a much deeper action than a moisturising cream. The list of ingredients used is different and the price is bound to be affected, especially if you choose an organic product. But, rest assured, it is possible to offer you an affordable cream that is adapted to your skin thanks to our Adopt! range.


Benefits of a nourishing cream for your skin

To protect your skin from the signs of ageing and to tone up your skin by regenerating your cellular tissue, there is nothing better than applying a nourishing care product, in the form of a cream to be spread or a mask, just before going to bed, after exfoliating. You will quickly find your skin radiant and fortified.

Action of the nourishing cream

Unlike a moisturising cream which only brings water to the cells, a nourishing cream aims to limit evaporation by adding nutrients such as lipids. For your face, the difference between moisturising and nourishing skin care is as important as the difference between drinking and feeding. A nourishing skin care product helps strengthen the skin barrier and retain natural moisture.


The essential ingredients of a nourishing skin care product

To soothe your skin's discomfort, such as tightness and itching, it is advisable to apply products with rich, oily textures, such as vegetable oils or butters. As well as in a dry hair lotion, jojoba oil, coconut oil and shea butter are ideal for deep nourishment. Their fatty substances form a small layer on the surface, preventing water from evaporating.

Applying skincare: a real beauty ritual

To take advantage of all the benefits of your skincare product, we suggest a little beauty ritual, once or twice a week, just before going to bed! Indeed, the night is the best time to apply a nourishing cream, as this is when the skin's cellular renewal takes place. To make this ritual a real moment of well-being, Adopt has compiled a list of steps you shouldn't miss!


Remove your make-up

It is important that the mask is applied to clean skin. We recommend the

Repulp Action cleansing and nourishing oil, available on our website or in our stores. Micellar water "Eau là là", enriched with aloe vera juice, gently cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes.

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin

We recommend that you exfoliate your skin
"Born to be fresh"
to remove dead cells. In this range, there is the texture of the purifying cleansing gel and if you want to put together a complete set, there is also the SOS anti-imperfections lotion with aloe vera and the purifying facial toner. With 98% natural ingredients and a sweet scent of organic green tea, you'll have a truly relaxing time.

Then take a few minutes to place your face over a bowl of hot water and use the steam to expand the pores of your skin. This will allow the balm to penetrate better.

Apply your nourishing treatment

This is the second to last step, your moment to really enjoy taking care of yourself: With your finger or a brush, spread your nourishing care, avoiding the eye area, as the skin is thinner and more fragile there. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse off.

Adopt proposes you the

BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE care for an immediate feeling of comfort. The formula is enriched with orange blossom extract and mango butter, which reveals an iridescent finish the longer you apply it. Available in our stores and on our website, this nourishing treatment is a must for intensely nourishing your skin.

Renowned for its soothing, softening and smoothing properties, it maintains the skin's hydration while helping it to regain its lipid levels. Rich in antioxidants, it also slows down the ageing of the skin.


The final touch: Repulp Action Smoothing Serum

Finally, add radiance to your complexion with the
Repulp Action smoothing serum : a certified organic face care product to refresh and enhance your beauty. A nourishing treatment that smoothes out your facial features, eliminates pigmentary spots on your skin and traces of fatigue. In just a few drops, your skin looks radiant, supple and visibly plumped up.

A complete beauty treatment!

Adopt offers you quality lip balm and lip care products at an affordable price!

Lip balms

At Adopt, we have also thought about your lips! This delicate area is particularly prone to dryness, chapping and discomfort. To remedy this, use a

lip balm enriched with sweet almond oil. Adopt Parfums lip balms are 99% natural ingredients and you will certainly fall in love with one of the fragrances available on our site: red fruit, mango, vanilla or coconut.

The "Repulp" range

With a

smoothing serum, a nourishing face and eye cleansing milk, a 3-in-1 eye balm, a plumping night cream, a smoothing day cream and a cleansing and nourishing oil for face and eyes, you can create your own routine to care for your skin after a good bath! This range is 99% natural ingredients and infused with nourishing organic sesame oil.

If you like gift sets, you also have the

Skin Obsession set composed of an eau de parfum and a shower gel that hydrates your skin while enveloping it in a powdery fragrance!