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Long lasting and precise eyeliner for an intense look

Long lasting and precise eyeliner for an intense look

Waterproof pen eyeliner Waterproof pen eyeliner

Waterproof pen eyeliner

Waterproof precision felt-tip eyeliner with a char

The history of eyeliner


Today the eyeliner is the product to have a piercing and hypnotizing look. The first people to use eyeliner were the Egyptians and Mesopotamians. They used a paste made of graphite, copper and antimony to give more character to their eyes and also to protect their eyes from the sun's rays and diseases. In ancient times, eyeliner was also supposed to protect against the evil eye. This substance was applied with a small stick made of wood, bronze and glass. Generally, it was kept in a nicely decorated pot.


Eyeliner today


Nowadays, eyeliner is an essential part of your makeup routine. It can be found in different forms: gel, cream or liquid. Once you've mastered its application, the intensity it sends to the eyes becomes indispensable. The eyeliner also comes in different colors for a more eccentric effect. It dresses up your eyes in a unique and intense way.


The eyeliner adopt


For cat's eyes to fall for, fall for our eyeliners! Then enhance your makeup for the eyes with a eye shadow and a touch of mascara. adopt has everything you need for a perfect makeup look, day or night! Opt for a high-precision line in a single gesture with the Extreme Precision Eyeliner: it allows you to achieve a perfect line like a professional makeup artist. Its secret: a high-performance profiled tip that makes it easy to achieve high-precision lines. Its conical shape allows you to modulate the line for a chic and discreet or rock and glamorous result. The eyes are perfectly highlighted throughout the day.


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