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Born to be fresh Born to be fresh

Born to be fresh

Masque tissu purifiant 14 ml
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Born to be fresh

Born to be fresh

SOS anti-imperfection lotion 15ml
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Born to be fresh

Born to be fresh

Purifying facial scrub 100ml
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Born to be fresh

Born to be fresh

Purifying cleansing gel 150ml
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Born to be fresh

Born to be fresh

Purifying face tonic 200 ml
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Purifying care: the ally of combination to oily skin

Combination to oily skin is prone to small blemishes, blackheads, blackheads and other impurities. To get rid of these problems, it is necessary to adopt an adapted beauty routine.


Masks, scrubs, lotions and cleansing gels: experience the best beauty care at home with the Adopt purifying range.

Purifying care: role and action

What is the role of a purifying treatment?


What is a purifying treatment? It is a specific product designed to cleanse your face thoroughly. It purifies your skin, eliminates dead cells and gets rid of impurities accumulated on your skin such as make-up residues, pollution particles, bacteria and other toxins. Generally designed in the form of a mask, it has a sebum-regulating action to finally say goodbye to unsightly shiny areas on your face. The result is smooth, matte skin, just like you've always wanted!


Who should use a purifying beauty routine?


Purifying skin care is primarily intended for combination to oily skin, but more generally for problem skin: acne-prone, prone to imperfections such as redness, blackheads, etc. If this is your case, don't wait any longer! Incorporate a purifying facial into your beauty routine, at least once a week, and observe the results.


Is it necessary to purify the skin if it is not combination or oily?


Other skin types may also occasionally need the benefits of a purifying treatment. In this case, use it for a simple detox effect. For example, it can be used to rebalance the skin after a change of season. Do you live in a big city and suffer from pollution? Even if your skin is neither combination nor oily, use a scrub and/or mask at least once a month or every two weeks to unclog your pores.

The right ingredients for a purifying facial

List of active ingredients to choose from when choosing a purifying facial


Lotions, scrubs, creams, cleansing gels: there are a multitude of formulas when it comes to choosing a purifying treatment! The most commonly used is the purifying mask, which should be left on for a few minutes before being rinsed off with clear water. To be effective, the formulas of these purifying treatments must contain very specific active ingredients:


  • - Fruit acids, which help eliminate dead cells and act as a chemical scrub (called exfoliation), some also have antioxidant, anti-ageing and anti-imperfection properties;
    - Zinc, which is widely used in acne treatments, limits inflammation and helps skin cells to function properly;
    - Clay, a natural ingredient with strong purifying power;
    - Black charcoal, very absorbent, it has detoxifying, purifying and cleansing properties, it also helps to slow down cellular ageing thanks to its high antioxidant content;
    - Essential oils and vegetable oils, which are widely used in natural treatments against acne, the most frequently cited being tea tree oil and black cumin oil.

Focus on natural ingredients


To gently purify your skin, it is important to choose a list of ingredients of natural origin. At Adopt, we are committed to offering natural formulations. Furthermore, our products are created and manufactured in France, to take care of your skin and the planet.

The best Adopt purifying products


Adopt has created the entire Born to be Fresh range with one objective in mind: to purify your face!

Natural and effective products


Thanks to their composition enriched with natural ingredients such as charcoal and white clay, your skin will look great again! Our purifying care products absorb excess sebum and cleanse your face deeply thanks to their super cleansing power. The result? Your pores are tightened, your skin texture is refined and your complexion is brighter.


The essential steps to purify and regulate

For a beauty routine just like in a beauty salon, just follow these 4 steps!


1 - Use a lotion


Has a small pimple just appeared on your face? Don't panic, the
SOS anti-imperfection lotion
reduces your imperfections and refines your skin texture! To perfect your make-up removal or to gently wake up your face, discover the tonic lotion. Apply it daily with a cotton pad for fresh, clean skin without any tightness.


2 - Cleanse


Before starting your routine, it is important to start from scratch and cleanse your skin. The
purifying cleansing gel
Born to be fresh cleanses, purifies and exfoliates with mini exfoliating grains for gentle blackhead removal. Made with clay, mattifying silica and aloe vera, it purifies, mattifies and moisturises your skin, so it doesn't feel tight!


To use, simply moisten your face with warm water and then emulsify a small amount of gel in your hands. Massage the product in small circular motions for 1 minute, then rinse with cold water to tighten your pores, improve your blood circulation and firm your face!


3 - Exfoliating


Once the skin has been cleansed, it is time for the
scrub with the flagship product of the range. It allows you to unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells. Apply it to damp skin, massage it in and rinse it off with clear water!

4 - Make a mask


or pot, Born to be fresh masks purify your skin in depth and reduce excess sebum. Their formula, enriched with green clay, charcoal and lavender, helps you to regain healthy skin. Finish your routine by applying the moisturising cream of your choice.