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Roller de jade vert


Brosse nettoyante visage

Facial cleansing brush
Trendy and responsible facial care accessories to take care of your skin

To take care of your face, you need the best products, but also the best accessories! Most cosmetic and facial products can be applied with the fingers. However, a cleansing brush or sponge can make the experience more pleasant, satisfying, but most of all more effective!


Sponges, gua sha, rollerballs, washable cotton pads and cleansing brushes: Adopt offers you the best facial accessories. Their mission? To help you get the most out of your beauty products while being more eco-responsible.


Responsible accessories to take care of your skin

The cleansing brush to gently remove impurities from the face


Did you know that a cleansing brush will be much more efficient than your hands to unclog your pores and eliminate impurities? To clean your skin every day without damaging it, before or after removing make-up, discover the vegan cleansing brush made of natural bamboo wood. Apply a small amount of your favourite cleansing gel to your moistened face, then take hold of the brush and make circular movements.


Thanks to its soft and silky bristles, your skin is preserved, despite a thorough cleaning. The little extra? The brush even has a pleasant massage effect. The bamboo wood brush is committed and responsible and respects the delicate skin of your face, but also the planet!


Konjac sponge: removes make-up, exfoliates and purifies


Konjac is a perennial plant native to Asia. Adopt's Konjac sponge is natural, vegan and vegetable. Hard as wood when dry, it swells and softens in contact with water. The konjac sponge helps you to remove make-up and gently exfoliate your skin. You can use it with or without a scrub, just with a facial soap.


Gently massage your face with small circular movements. The bamboo charcoal version of the sponge even has purifying properties for your skin: a great ally for oily or acne-prone skin. A 3-in-1 tool that gently removes make-up, purifies and exfoliates, essential to any beauty routine!


To keep your konjac sponge as long as possible, remember to rinse it well after each use and dry it.


Skin care accessories for an unparalleled moment of relaxation
The green jade roller: the trendy accessory


Recently, jade roller has made its way into our beauty kits. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, it is excellent for a fresh and radiant complexion! Indeed, the jade stone it contains has decongesting properties. It stimulates microcirculation and soothes the skin. After using it, the features are smoothed and signs of fatigue are a distant memory.


The roller can be used on the whole face, from the forehead to the neck. The smallest part of the stone is designed for the eye area. Say goodbye to dark circles and other unsightly bags! To fully benefit from its advantages, massage from the outside to the inside, without going back and forth. Our secret? Keep your roller in the fridge for an immediate radiance boost!


Gua sha or eye masks for a no-nonsense beauty routine


Eye masks, rose quartz or jade gua sha, there are many other trendy products to help you take care of yourself. When choosing your facial accessories, there is only one thing to consider: your well-being. Choose accessories that you will enjoy using and that will give you real relaxation breaks. Your skin will thank you for all the moments of self-care that you offer it!


Accessories for a gentle and eco-responsible make-up removal
Washable and reusable make-up removal pads


Make-up removal is a key step in skin care. What if you changed your beauty habits to adopt an eco-responsible make-up removal routine by getting rid of disposable cotton pads? Have you heard of washable and reusable make-up removal pads? No need to keep a multitude of cotton pads in your bathroom: the kit of 7 washable cotton pads allows you to gently remove the day's make-up, while doing something for the planet. Once used, you just have to put them in the washing machine at 40° in the washing net provided.


Cleansing glove


The make-up remover glove is a second eco-responsible and economical alternative to remove any make-up residue on your face! No need to use make-up remover products, just wet the glove with warm water and make circular movements on your face. The skin is clean, soft, make-up-free and free of impurities.


To give the glove a new lease of life, simply wash it in your washing machine at 40°. The glove is even more practical to take on holiday, especially on a plane trip where liquid cosmetics are limited.


Make-up removal without accessories


If you want to adopt an eco-responsible routine without cotton pads or washable gloves, but with a make-up remover, discover the Make-up Remover Oil. Its vegan, nourishing formula for the face and eyes is ideal for dry and sensitive skin!


Massage your dry skin with your fingertips to remove all traces of the day's make-up. Then emulsify the oil with lukewarm water: in an instant it magically transforms into milk! Rinse your face and your skin is clean and radiant.


A day and night skincare routine
Brush and sponge: make-up accessories to enhance your skincare routine


The right beauty accessories are essential for a successful make-up: discover also our products for make-up such as the complexion brush, the eye brush or the make-up sponges. Create your own accessory kit according to your routine! For a make-up that doesn't damage your skin, remember to clean your brushes with the brush cleaning brush, the essential accessory!

Choose a skin care routine adapted to your skin type


If part of your beauty routine is to use accessories, it is important to choose products that are adapted to your skin type! Improve your facial care routine before and after make-up removal with our products: cleansers, masks, sunscreens, etc. All our formulas are made in France and contain a maximum of natural, eco-responsible and vegan ingredients.


Daytime Facial Care Routine


The first step is to cleanse the skin to eliminate the night's impurities and prepare it for make-up. Moisturising is then essential, even for oily skin! In our skincare ranges, Adopt offers products for all skin types and problems (blemishes, dryness, redness, etc.). You can create your own kit for a tailor-made skin care routine.


Finally, remember to protect your skin from the sun's rays with a sunscreen. Did you know that UV rays are responsible for premature skin aging? Discover our facial care products individually or in skin care sets according to your needs. To complete your beauty routine, discover our range of perfumes composed of more than 150 fragrances, individually or in boxes, gourmand, floral or fruity.


Night facial care routine


Before bed, the beauty routine for the face is similar to the one in the morning: cleansing and moisturising. To complete your routine after using your jade roller or rose quartz gua sha, use a jar or cloth mask once or twice a week. Discover our wide range of face masks adapted to each problem. Also remember to moisturise your body with our  vegan scented care rituals , individually or in a box.