Solid soap

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Solid soap


The best in hand care: Solid Hand Soap


Solid soap has versatile functions. Indeed, it can clean the body, the face and even the clothes. Solid soap is highly recommended for hand washing. It cleans deeply, removes dirt and impurities, and leaves a pleasant scent on your soft hands. The solid hand soap also transforms your skin care and beauty routine into a more eco-responsible gesture.


An eco-responsible Solid Hand Soap


In addition to the well-being that the solid hand soaps provide, they are also and above all products made with a biodegradable formula, a 100% recyclable cardboard packaging and an ink made from vegetable oils. Solid hand soap is a great way to take care of the planet in your own way. More practical, more economical and more durable, the versatility of solid hand soap will become an everyday essential.


adopt and solid hand soaps


Let yourself be seduced by our range of solid soaps. Enjoy washing your hands in an environmentally friendly way. Our hand soap 100g L'Or des Sables highlights the sensuality of vanilla and orange blossom for an assured sunny effect.

The hand soap 100g Liberty Dream is made of sweet almond oil and leaves your skin soft and delicately scented. Its addictive perfume, mixes raspberry and cardamom to a bouquet of white flowers relayed by a trail all in greediness.
Cœur à cœur, hand soap of 100g, features a sensual fragrance. It reveals itself through a white floral bouquet and a deliciously addictive black vanilla.



Why use Body Soaps


Very well known for the skin and for the body, the soap is an ally for the well-being and the cleanliness. Soaps have a non-exhaustive list of components that is much more readable. You will find everything you need to clean your body thoroughly. It is also very pleasant to use. Soaps have a strong nourishing power antioxidant power. They are more active for washing than the majority of shower gels found in supermarkets. Each soap has different properties depending on the ingredients that were used to make it.


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