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By the way, what is a solid shampoo?


A shampoo is said to be solid when there is no water in its composition. In addition to its ecological advantages, solid shampoo also has a major advantage. Indeed, without water, it is no longer necessary to add chemical preservatives that damage your hair. Solid shampoos are often composed of active ingredients. Fresh and soft, the solid shampoo is very practical. Indeed, the components are essentially in great majority natural and respect your hair. In addition, its format is effective for travel, it fits easily into your suitcase. No need to throw away your shampoo to get through customs.


Solid shampoo, a new alternative to liquid shampoo?


If we were to make a quick comparison, solid shampoo is anti-waste, ecological and practical in everyday life. While liquid shampoo contains water and less surfactants (washing agents present in soaps and cosmetic shampoos) for more softness. adopt puts forward the ecological aspect, indeed, the solid shampoo allows to limit the packaging and to eliminate the use of plastic bottles. A solid shampoo is usually sold in an eco-responsible package such as recycled paper or metal boxes. Choosing a solid shampoo also means reducing your carbon footprint because the production and transportation of this type of shampoo requires fewer resources. A real plus in a zero waste approach.


Adopt solid shampoos


Come and discover Fairyland, an eco-responsible solid shampoo made in France. This solid shampoo lathers generously and leaves your hair soft with sweet almond oil, while delicately scenting it with Fairy land fragrance. Its sensual fragrance is revealed through a delicious pear accompanied by star jasmine and addictive vanilla. Wonderful, Yummy Candy, Lady Glitter and White Musk are also solid shampoos associated with the fragrance of the latter. Let yourself be charmed by these cleansing products with their comforting and delicate fragrances that clean your hair without damaging it.


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