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Repulp action

Repulp action

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Facial care for men

Contrary to popular belief, taking care of yourself is not just for women! Gentlemen, your skin, especially the skin on your face, is just as fragile and also requires targeted care. Especially as it is probably badly damaged by daily shaving!

Adopt has designed a whole range of products dedicated to men. Whether it's a cleansing gel, a moisturising face cream or an aftershave balm, discover a complete facial care routine for men.


Cleansing products for men

Cleansing your skin: the most important step in a successful skincare routine


The first step is to clean your skin. Your face is exposed to the sun, rain, wind, cold and pollution all year round, especially in big cities. So many small daily aggressions that clog your pores, dry out your skin and encourage the appearance of imperfections. To have a beautiful skin, it is necessary to wash your face, at least once a day, with an adapted product, like our
French barber cleansing gel.The gel cleanses, eliminates excess sebum and gently exfoliates the skin: a fresh complexion and tightened pores are yours!


Tips for cleaning your skin 

To cleanse your face, nothing could be simpler: simply moisten your face with warm water, emulsify a small amount of the gel in the palm of your hands and apply the gel to your face using circular movements, paying particular attention to the T-zone. Finally, rinse your skin with cold water. In addition, this technique improves blood circulation and firms the skin of your face.


The little extra? The scrubbing gel leaves fresh, elegant and masculine notes of mandarin, tonka bean, patchouli and clary sage on your skin, for a skin care ritual with a real olfactory pleasure.


After Shave Moisturiser

Why add an aftershave moisturizer to your routine?


A man's skincare regime would be incomplete without an aftershave. Razors can be very irritating to the skin and can make your face feel tight. In addition to caring for your beard or moustache, it is therefore necessary to soothe your skin daily. Aftershave, like our
French barber balm , deeply moisturises and repairs the epidermis. It also creates a small protective barrier against external aggressions. Goodbye irritation, redness and unsightly pimples! Like all the products in the French barber routine, the aftershave balm also leaves a delicately scented veil of freshness on your skin. To apply, simply massage a small amount of the product into dry, freshly shaved skin until it is completely absorbed.

How to choose an aftershave?


A word of advice: avoid products containing alcohol. They don't usually work well with already weakened skin and could cause blemishes or even tightness in your skin. At Adopt, our formulations are based on natural and organic ingredients. The gentle formulations are as close to nature as possible for a pleasure without regret. What's more, they are all made in France!


Day creams for men

Finding the right moisturiser for you


Finally, the last essential product for a male skincare routine is a good moisturiser. Gentlemen, be aware that aftershave is not enough, especially in winter or after prolonged exposure to the sun! You'll need a cream that is adapted to your skin type. A nourishing cream for dry skin, a mattifying and purifying cream for mixed to oily skin and a soothing cream for sensitive skin. Choose a water-based cream if your skin tends to produce a lot of sebum and an oil-based cream if your skin needs nutrition. The effects of your skin care product will depend on the active ingredients it contains.


French barber: the cream formulated for all skin types


Don't know your skin type? If in doubt, use a moisturizer like our
French barber face cream
infused with aloe vera. No more uncomfortable feelings: your skin will be more supple and plump than ever!


After cleansing your skin with the gel, warm a small amount of cream between your hands. Spread it over your face from the centre outwards, avoiding the eye area, which is particularly sensitive. Then massage your face in a circular motion to stimulate blood circulation! If, in addition to shaving, you are waxing your eyebrows, remember to moisturise this part of your face. For even more hydration, you can combine your daily cream with a serum such as
Yes you glow, to remove traces of fatigue, or the Repulp action,to instantly plump up your skin.


For a beauty ritual entirely perfumed with mandarin, tonka bean, patchouli and clary sage, discover the roll-on
of the range as well as the French barber trio , composed of face cream, perfume and shower gel for body and hair for an even more complete care.

An eye contour treatment for deep hydration

Did you know that the skin around the eyes is on average 5 times thinner than that of the face? It is in this area of the face that the first signs of ageing appear! The eye area therefore requires special attention. Thanks to the

Repulp action balm, no more dark circles, wrinkles or bags under the eyes! It contains shea butter to regenerate and nourish, aloe vera to soften the skin texture, and antioxidant silk tree extract. Your eye contour is moisturised, decongested and smoothed: the fountain of youth is yours! The little extra? With 20% of its ingredients of organic origin, the moisturizer takes care of your skin and the planet.

Complete your skincare routine

Extend your beauty ritual to other men's care products


By now you know the essential skincare for men. Of course, you can complete your routine with an exfoliator, a
scrub or a masque for your face, an oil for your beard, etc. Discover also the body care products for men, including body moisturizers, which are even more important to use if you are waxing!


Accessories for applying care


If you want the best results for your skin, you can combine the use of your products with skincare accessories. Instead of applying your products with your fingers, discover :


  • - the cleansing brush, to unclog pores, regulate sebum production and get rid of imperfections, to be used daily with a cleanser; 
  • - the konjac sponge, which acts as a facial scrub, to be used daily alone or with a cleanser; 
  • - the konjac sponge with bamboo charcoal, the perfect exfoliator for acne-prone or oily skin that purifies the skin and helps limit imperfections.


Perfume: the charming asset for men


Perfume is also an essential part of a man's toiletry kit. Seducer, adventurer, father hen, active and dynamic man, our
eaux de parfum for men are suitable for all tastes and lifestyles! To discover new fragrances and perfume yourself to your heart's content, look for a perfume set for men

Forget the clichés and do yourself a favour: take a few minutes a day to set up a beauty routine and take care of yourself. Your skin will be more beautiful and healthy!