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Base & top coat

What is the protective base?


The protective base is used before applying the nail polish. The base allows to take care of the nail and to protect it from the layer of varnish which will follow. It is a transparent, pink, peach or apricot base. The bases are therefore care for the nails, they form a protective veil. They help strengthen, smooth and harden the nails. Some bases even help stimulate nail growth. The protective base is especially useful when using colored nail polishes on a daily basis.


What is a top coat?


The top coat is a transparent varnish that serves to protect the main varnish. The objectives of the top coat are the same as those of the protective base: protection against impact, aging of the varnish. The difference is that the top coat is applied over the varnish already applied. The top coat allows the classic varnish to remain shiny and last for several days. The top coat can also help to speed up the drying of the varnish. Some models in gel formula make it possible to have a curved, brilliant return, others will have for objective to have a return more matifying. It can only be applied to dry nail polish like any other nail polish. For an optimal result, only one coat of top coat is needed.


Adopt base and top coat


To take care of your nails, find our selection of base and top coat. Discover also our manicure accessories to realize your routine at home. Then apply a pretty nail polish! An essential step in a successful manicure, the protective base  Be Safe protects the nail from shocks and nail polish staining while nourishing it and improving its quality. Its formula enriched with lotus extract and argan oil, it contains 80% of ingredients of natural and bio-sourcedorigin. It guarantees a quick drying and an ergonomic brush for an express and easy manicure! Be Safe Protective Base can be applied alone for a natural result or as a base directly on the nail before applying the colored nail polish.


The Shine Top Coat gives you a shiny manicure. It protects from shocks and flaking and improves varnish hold. Its formula is enriched with diamond powder, it contains 67% of ingredients of natural and bio-sourced origin. It is applied as a top coat on the dry colored varnish.