Lip liner

Lip liner
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Lip liner

The return of the lip liner


In the 1990's, the lip contour was very trendy. In the meantime, this practice has gone out of fashion until today when it has made a comeback. Nowadays, amateurs and professionals alike rely on the lip liner to magnify the mouth. While maintaining a natural look and ease of use, lip liners have made their way into the daily beauty routine. The trend of heavy lip pencils has been around for several years. At the time, the fashion was for very flashy makeup. Today, natural makeup is the trend. So lip pencils are back for a fresh and radiant makeup. Creamy lip pencils work well with matte lipsticks, while drier lip pencils help to define the gloss.


What is the purpose of the lip liner?


The lip pencil allows you to define the contour of your mouth before applying a lipstick. This way, there are no smudges or spills. The line is precise. The lip liner prevents lipstick from running under the teeth and makes the mouth fuller. It is an essential accessory for your makeup, especially for lips that are too white. It allows you to draw a natural contour, and therefore to hide the defects. This way you can create an ultra glamorous mouth contour.


Lip pencils adopt


You dream of a luscious mouth, these lip pencils are made for you! Pair it with a lipstick or a pretty gloss for perfect all-day wear! For moisturized, glamorous lips, discover Lip & Kiss Shiny Balm a tinted moisturizing lip balm. With it, your mouth will have a nice glossy finish for a guaranteed success. Its pencil format allows an easy and perfect application. To enhance your mouth and precisely outline your lips, discover  Lip & Kiss Pro Contour which is a creamy lip contour pencil for perfect application and precision. Its light, creamy texture melts on application and deposits a highly pigmented, fine film to contour the lips.


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