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Eau des Orangers Eau des Orangers

Eau des Orangers

Elixir of cologne 30ml
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Fresh cologne

Fresh cologne

Eau de cologne 30 ml
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Eau de cologne

The origin of Cologne


The history of cologne is 300 years old and different from eau de parfum. Over the years, it has undergone changes and variations. From its composition such as essences or aromas, to its use as an essential product of perfumery. Today, colognes have become best sellers in the perfume industry. Colognes are an essential ingredient in beauty rituals. They are known to preserve the properties and the hydration of the skin but also to be an element of seduction. The fragrance is an entity capable of making one dream, of exciting the senses. It is therefore important not to neglect it.


A unique cologne... like you


Come and discover our Adopt colognes created in France with 100% natural ingredients, just for you. Adopt's reinvented and innovative fragrances have been designed to fit any lifestyle. Each fragrance has a story to tell. Each fragrance is unique to each woman. It's time to leave a sweet and intense scent in your wake.


A new olfactory experience


Our products have been designed with the greatest care and are from different olfactory families. Our colognes have a unique smell, an incomparable scent. Indeed, through these fragrances, Adopt wanted to get out of the barriers of the classic by reinterpreting for example notes of tea, orange tree and lily to surprise and innovate. These eaux de Cologne, real olfactory nuggets, can be discovered without moderation. The smell plays a predominant role in the desire of the individual. It is registered in your olfactory memory. Attracting, seducing or differentiating from the crowd are all primary functions for a perfume. Its choice is therefore very important. It can be a good ally to mark the minds.