Power Argan : the nourishing range for dry skin!

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Power argan

Body Scrub in oil 150ml
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Power argan

Nourishing Body Oil 50ml
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Power argan

Nourishing Body Cream 250ml
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Power Argan: the nourishing range with argan oil for dry skin!

Want to have radiant skin? To achieve this, a good moisturizing of the face is fundamental. Argan oil is an essential ingredient in cosmetics thanks to its powerful moisturising benefits.

Adopt has developed natural products based on argan oil for dry skin. Discover our products to nourish your skin in depth: scrub, oil and cream. Receive your beauty essentials from the Power Argan range quickly by placing your order on our website or by visiting one of our boutiques.

What is a vegetable oil?

A vegetable oil is a fatty substance obtained by pressing or crushing a nut, plant, flower or fruit. The cold-pressing manufacturing technique guarantees high-quality vegetable oils. This method preserves the vitamins and fatty acids contained in the oils. Virgin vegetable oil is also free of preservatives and perfumes. If it is organically grown, it is cultivated without pesticides and chemical agents.

In cosmetics, vegetable oils are used for face, body, nail and hair care. They are also perfect for relaxing massages. They should not be confused with essential oils, obtained by steam distillation. The entire Power Argan range is made from natural ingredients, with respect for the environment. It is produced fairly in Morocco and is COSMOS NATURAL certified.


Origins of argan oil

Argan oil comes from the argan tree in Morocco. It is extracted from the kernel of its fruit and is used in cosmetics and cooking. The fruit of the argan tree contains kernels which are cold pressed to obtain the oil. They are harvested between June and August. Once picked and dried in the sun, they are crushed with a stone grinder. A paste is then obtained and kneaded by hand. It takes 6 argan trees and about 10 hours of work to produce 1 litre of oil.

Among the vegetable oils, argan oil is one of the most precious. The price of a small 100 ml bottle of virgin oil costs at least 20 euros.

Properties of argan oil for beautiful skin

Used in Morocco for thousands of years, argan oil has many properties. Rich in antioxidants and omega 3, 6 and 9, it is an excellent anti-ageing remedy. It is therefore the ally of mature skin!

In hair care, it nourishes dry hair in depth. It is also used to prevent brittle nails. As a healing agent, it helps the skin to regain its firmness and fights against wrinkles, chapping and cracks. Present in many cosmetics, it appears in the composition of massage oils, soaps and creams.

Argan oil is dry: it is therefore quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving a greasy film. Thanks to its non-comedogenic nature, it does not cause skin rashes and also protects the skin against external aggressions, such as cold, wind and pollution.


How can argan oil be used in cosmetics?

Because of its repairing action, argan oil is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. However, it is also suitable for normal and oily skin. A beauty oil par excellence, it is especially recommended for its anti-ageing, regenerating and healing properties. To store it, it is advisable to keep it at room temperature, away from light. Exposure to high temperatures causes oxidation: the oil develops a rancid smell and its virtues diminish.

Wrinkles and skin ageing

Argan oil is composed of 80% unsaturated fatty acids, in particular oleic acid and linoleic acid. These active ingredients provide suppleness and hydration. It also contains vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. It is therefore ideal for combating the effects of ageing. Simply apply a few drops morning and evening to limit the appearance of wrinkles. Concentrate on the corners of the eyes and mouth, on the frown lines and on expression lines.

Dry skin

Rich in omega 6, argan oil prevents the skin from drying out by strengthening its natural barriers. It can be applied every evening as a night cream for the face. It is also used in the composition of certain cold-saponified organic soaps to clean dry skin without destroying its natural hydrolipidic film.


In lip balm, argan oil can be mixed with beeswax for a thicker texture. The combination of these two natural ingredients helps your lips to regain their moisture. Thanks to this treatment, the fine skin of your mouth is also protected from external aggressions. Chapped and cracked lips disappear and are replaced by a pleasantly soft feeling.



Argan oil has healing properties to preserve the beauty of the skin. Its application increases the nutrient content of the skin cells. Massage your scars morning and night with a few drops of vegetable oil to reduce them.

Dry hair

There is nothing like argan oil to repair dry and damaged hair. Its fatty acid and vitamin E content allows it to act at the heart of the hair fibre. Apply a small amount to your lengths and ends to benefit.

Brittle nails

The vitamins present in argan oil are particularly effective in regenerating brittle nails. To strengthen them, massage them with one to two drops of the product.

How to choose an argan oil?

To choose a quality argan oil, opt for an organic product. Also, a virgin oil obtained by cold pressing is of better quality than a refined oil. The former retains all its benefits, but its price is higher. On the contrary, refining destroys the vitamin E present in the oils, as well as the active ingredients contained in the fatty acids. Furthermore, choose an oil that is not roasted. Roasting eliminates the cosmetic properties of oils. This process darkens the colour of the oil and increases its nutty aroma.

To form an opinion on the quality of an argan oil, rely first on your sense of smell. This natural product has a pleasant nutty aroma.

Its natural colour varies from pale to dark yellow when it is obtained by cold pressing. A brown or green oil sold in a bottle is probably mixed with other oils or ingredients. This rare product only grows in the lands of Morocco and its price varies according to its manufacturing process.

Directions for use

For the face

Concentrated in fatty acids as well as in vitamins E and A, argan oil is an anti-ageing ally. Its antioxidant properties help to fight against skin ageing and its daily use restores tone and elasticity to the skin. It can be applied directly to the face, just after a moisturising serum. Warm 5 to 7 drops of oil between your hands and spread them over the face, neck and décolleté. Gently massage the skin in a circular motion from the centre outwards. Also place a drop of oil around your eyes by patting the area with your fingers. To reduce fine lines around the mouth, apply a small amount each day. Repeat this routine morning and night. It can also be mixed with other cosmetic ingredients depending on the desired effect.

For the body

Argan oil is an effective skin conditioner. A daily application has a lasting effect on the body. It repairs and softens dry skin. Its use also helps to soothe itching associated with eczema and psoriasis. No more unpleasant feelings of tightness! Your skin becomes supple again thanks to the strengthening of the skin barrier. Use a dab of oil to nourish each area of your body: legs, arms, stomach and bust.

To facilitate its penetration, apply it to slightly damp skin after a shower. Pay particular attention to very dry areas, such as elbows and feet, but also to scars and stretch marks. To enhance the effects of the oil, combine it with moisturising products such as aloe vera gel. Repeat this routine every day for ultra-soft skin.

For hair and scalp

Organic argan oil is ideal for dry hair, especially for curly, wavy or frizzy hair! Its benefits are numerous: it nourishes the hair fibre, coats the hair and eliminates dandruff. Use a deep treatment once a month and occasional treatments two to three times a week depending on the desired results. Plant oils should be applied sparingly so as not to weigh the hair down. For a deep treatment, spread one to two tablespoons of oil on the roots and lengths. Adjust the amount to your needs and hair type. Massage the scalp for about ten minutes and leave for at least an hour. Then shampoo. For occasional care, spread just one drop of oil over the hair.

Pour les ongles 

Want to improve the beauty of your nails? Argan oil is perfect for enhancing them! Start by washing your hands. Then spread a few drops of oil on your nails and hands. Argan oil reduces brown spots and softens the cuticles. Add a touch of lavender or ylang-ylang essential oil to your bottle of vegetable oil for fragrance.

For the beard

Men can also enjoy the benefits of argan oil! Because of its nourishing properties, it is used in some after-shave cosmetics. Its application helps to prevent dandruff and itching of the beard. After cleaning your beard, spread a dab of oil on your hair or on your shaved skin. Massage the area with circular motions to stimulate circulation. Complete this treatment with a drop of aloe vera for optimal hydration.

For stretch marks

Argan oil is recommended to fight against stretch marks. Its regular use is therefore recommended to pregnant women, whose skin fibres are badly damaged. It moisturises the skin in depth and prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Apply it every day from the first weeks of pregnancy. Used by Berber women in Morocco during their pregnancy for thousands of years, it is safe to use.

The Power Argan range to deeply nourish dry skin

The Power Argan range takes care of the most fragile skin!

Scrubs oil or cream : choose products to include in your beauty routine.


Body scrub in oil

Do you want soft skin? Use the body scrub in oil from the Power Argan range! Its natural formula exfoliates your skin without irritating it. A daily use allows you to rid your skin of its impurities for a long-lasting beauty. Then apply an oil or cream to boost your body's hydration!

Nourishing body oil

Need a treatment to protect your dry skin? Discover Adopt's body oil. Its velvety texture softens your skin. Its application is very simple: a few drops are enough to nourish it deeply. Its subtle note of hazelnut perfumes you delicately.

Nourishing body cream

Dry skin deserves high quality care. Enhance your beauty routine with this cream enriched with argan oil. With its smooth texture, its application is a moment of pure happiness. This product is ideal for protecting your skin during cold weather. Its promise? Supple and soft skin, even in the middle of winter!