Adopt Iris

Once upon a time...

An emblematic flower, a true jewel of the French perfume world: the Iris Pallida, also known as Blue Gold. It is for this Iris, At the origin of an exceptional perfumed raw material, it is for this Iris that Adopt wanted to invest directly from its origin: at the heart of the industry.


By contributing to the reintroduction of its culture on the Valensole plateau in Provence, Adopt is showing its deep commitment to re-establishing this precious and iconic plant within our territories.


A committed and sustainable partnership

At the beginning, a young farmer, Denis Vernet, defended a responsible agriculture within the family exploitation specialised in perfume plants since 5 generations. A long-lasting partnership between Denis and his family, Adopt, and the perfume company Firmenich followed. Since Blue Gold only reveals itself after several years of cultivation, Adopt wanted to reveal a new, hitherto unknown treasure: the unique, sunny scent of Iris Pallida.

Headspace Iris

An unique olfactory perception

This treasure, derived from an exclusive capture of the iris flower for Adopt, is totally innovative in the world of perfumery.


A "headspace" taken at the peak of the flowering of the iris field immortalizes the beauty of this visual and olfactory spectacle.




Blue gold, capturing the scent

Fabrice Pellegrin : the talent of a great perfumer

Fabrice Pellegrin, the famous creative perfumer, has taken this scent from the heart of the flower to pay tribute to it, sublimating it and creating Tendre iris. After a creative process and several trials, a gourmand, bright and elegant floral was born, a true olfactory journey through the heart of the iris. Tendre iris is the first chapter of an authentic and lasting story. The adventure has only just begun!

A word from Fabrice Pellegrin
"For me this perfume is a gourmand floral, with a touch of light and fluidity brought by the bergamot"