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Shopping Day Gift Set - Adopt Parfums

The gift box can be used for any event and in any context, from Christmas and birthdays to invitations, baby gifts and tokens of friendship. Eau de parfum and body care sets, facial care and make-up sets the list of gift sets is long, and the possibilities are endless! ! 

Whether precious or symbolic, it is the ultimate comforting gift. During these Shopping Days, Adopt offers you a selection of women's and men's gift sets, as well as eau de parfum and body care gift sets at affordable prices. For your next gift (or for yourself), take advantage of products at 30% off, and delivery within 24 hours.


What is the definition of the word coffret?


According to the Larousse definition, a coffret is "a small chest or box, carefully made".. In the skincare and beauty sector, the challenge of a gift set is to elegantly present products carefully pre-selected by thebrand. These unique, personalized containers, which come in the form of cardboard boxes, kits or pouches, compete in creativity to seduce the recipient. Chic and refined, simple and refined, original and whimsical, classic and timeless: in the world of gift boxes, has something for every taste and every price.


Beyond its appearance, the gift box is one of those gift ideas that combine the practical with the pleasurable. It offers the opportunity to get toknow a brand, or products from your usual brand that you haven't tried before, while taking care of your body


The "two-in-one" concept (two or more products in a single package) also makes it possible to offer (or treat oneself to) a range of matching range of carefully selectedthat create a harmonious beauty experience harmonious beauty experience with products that complement each other.


What are the different types of gift boxes?


The different contents of the boxes offer a range ofsensory experiences, which can be adapted to suit the time of day. In the morning, treatments help youstart the day on a positive note; in the evening, when you're back at home after a sometimes hectic schedule, they offer a moment of comforting, restorative relaxation.


There are several types of enclosure:

  • - the body care gift set: shower gelbody lotion, lotion, exfoliant, scrub, hair and body oil, hand cream...;
  • - the perfume gift box: eau de toilette gift set, eau de parfum gift set, travel size eau de parfum, body milk perfume...;
  • - facial care set : moisturizing creams,masks, milks...;
  • - the make-up box : a selection of cosmetics and accessories make-up(eyes, complexion and lips) to enhance your beauty.


The list of gift sets is far from exhaustive. In stores or online at, each brand displays its own collection, with a carefully chosen selection of products. For those who are short of ideas, the "beauty gift box" concept is also very trendy


An important detail: if you take advantage of the sales to do your shopping, be on the lookout for limited-edition products. If you're buying in-store, it's sometimes a good idea to reserve before the sales period, to make sure your favorite item will still be available. And if you order a box or gift set online, make sure that delivery is on time.


Which gift box to offer?


Finding the perfect gift box is no easy task! So to have the best chance of hitting the nail on the head, it's best to know the tastes of the person you want to please. If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask a friend for advice!


Women's gift box


Whether it's your partner, your mother, your sister or a close friend, any occasion is a good opportunity to offer a pleasure gift box. When it comes to gifts, it's a good idea to aim just right. Does she use make-up products? Is she a perfume addict? Does she have a skincare routine, such as a day cream or night cream? Is she a fan of 100% made in France ? ?


Eau de toilette, eau de Cologne, eau de parfum, shower gel, body lotion, hand cream, massage cream The selection of products available in the gift box should be as close as possible to her tastes and personality. If she prefers consistency to change, you can't go wrong with a selection of products from her favorite brand. All you have to do is spot the ones that feature prominently in her bathroom, and you're done.


If, on the other hand, she's a woman who loves movement and discovery, offer her new sensations by opting for a discovery box containing a selection of treatments she's never experienced before. An original gift box with exotic notes, for example, will take her to the ends of the earth, far from Paris (or Provence, if you live in the South!).


For all occasions ,the women's gift box is the ideal gesture, which is bound to please. Its elegance will be noticed under the Christmas tree, but it will also make a small effect for a birthday or an invitation to a friend's house. In any case, this type of gift doesn't go unnoticed!


Are you a young mother? A birth gift box is also a good idea. When you return home from the maternity ward, you'll enjoy taking care of yourself. Don't forget to include the gift box on your birth list... or have it given to you by your mom, your best friend or your partner! And if you've got a young mom in your entourage, don't miss out on this idea: it's a gift that's sure to hit the spot.


Men's gift box


Prejudice has long had a hard time of it, both inside and outside the home. There was a time when the concept of a relaxing break with body treatments was strictly reserved for women. Man was excluded from this beneficial parenthesis which allowed him to settle down and rest after a hectic day. The exception to the rule was the shaving set, a symbol of masculinity and virility!


But things have changed... Men are attaching more and more importance to well-being and body care. Men's gift sets, containing eau de parfum, eau de toilette, shower gel or any other beauty or toilet care product, are now not only accepted, but appreciated.


So, gentlemen, don't deprive yourself and make up for the time lost by your elders! For Christmas or your birthday, don't be shy about suggesting the idea of a gift box, with a few details about the olfactory notes you prefer This can save you a few disappointments!


Which women's perfume box to choose?


Appreciating the fragrance of a body lotion or eau de toilette is a very personal, sensitive experience: what appeals to one woman may not necessarily appeal to another. Carry out a little research to find out the tastes and preferences of the woman for whom you are planning this women's gift box. If you share the same house, investigations will be simplified! Alternatively, the advice of a knowledgeable and competent saleswoman can also help.

Try tomatch the perfume set to her personality : is she romantic and feminine, natural and spontaneous, energetic and enterprising? Likewise, age is important when choosing an eau de toilette. Often, a young woman will appreciate light, fruity notes, while an older woman will seek out more feminine, stronger or more authentic notes.


When it comes to fragrances, does she prefer floral, fruity, woody, musky or oriental notes? To take the olfactory concept even further, each of these categories has its own nuances! But when it comes to buying a gift box, all you need to do is know the broad outlines of the recipient's preferences


In the case of an eau de parfum/shower gel box, pay attention to the texture of the shower gel: foaming, powerful, delicate or sensual. A touch of fragrance completes the morning ritual. Also, remember to checkcomponents. Are the ingredients of natural origin, organic or vegan? If the recipient of the offering is sensitive to eco-responsible products, this argument should be taken into account. When it comes to ethics, ask yourself if the product is made in France, as more and more consumers are sensitive to this issue


Price is also important, with our low-cost offers.


Which Adopt Parfums gift box to choose?


The Shopping Days range of gift sets from Adopt Parfums is aimed at both men and women. Will you opt for the men's fragrance box, featuring an eau de parfum with masculine notes of wood and spice and its matching shower gel, or for the women's fragrance box, with its romantic, fruity and delicate eau de parfum based on passion fruit, jasmine and cashmere wood, accompanied by its shower gel version?


Unless you prefer another available option! Vanilla, apple, nutmeg, magnolia, bergamot, lavender, patchouli, iris... Are you titillated by these poetic, exotic names?


Let your instincts guide you! Remember: choosing the right scent for an eau de parfum is above all a question of taste and olfactory sensitivity.


If you're having trouble deciding, you can always check out the reviews on the Internet at. Although subjective, since it's all a question of personal feeling, they may help you decide. And if you're on a tight budget, Shopping Days are the way to go: opt for the 30% discount on Adopt Parfums Shopping Days!