Super Karité : the repairing range for damaged skin!

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Repairing Hand Balm 50ml
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Repairing body milk 200ml
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Shea Butter Body 50ml
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Exfoliating Body Balm 250ml
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Super karité

Repairing Body Butter 250ml
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Super Karité: the repairing range with shea butter for damaged skin!

Is your skin dry and damaged and are you looking for a natural product to nourish it in depth, without damaging it? Have you heard of shea butter, the ideal product to protect and repair your sensitive skin? In cosmetics, this ingredient works miracles: its application has many benefits and soothing and softening virtues.

Adopt offers a nourishing shea butter product to comfort even the driest of skin! Gently exfoliate with our exfoliator, then nourish with a milk or cream. Set up your beauty routine with our Super Karité range!

Follow our advice to discover the exceptional properties of shea butter and select the right care for your skin.

Everything you need to know about shea butter: origins and production

Where does shea butter come from?


Etymologically, the word "shea" means "butter tree". It comes from the shea nut, the fruit of a tree growing in Africa. This tree can grow up to 12 metres high and has a life span of 300 years. At around 25 years of age, it reaches maturity and produces up to 20 kilos of nuts each year. Harvested between June and September, these nuts contain the kernels from which shea butter is made.

This ingredient is a classic in cosmetics and is used in many beauty products. Originally, African women used it to massage babies and pregnant women's bellies, but its use has expanded over the years. Famous for its virtues for thousands of years, it is now used to nourish the skin and hair.

Manufacturing secrets

Raw shea butter comes from the nuts of the shea tree. In Africa, it is made by hand by women. All that is needed to make it is water and shea kernels. The nuts are first shelled, cooked and then dried to extract the kernels. Once dried, the almonds are crushed, roasted and ground to a paste. This is then mixed with boiling water to bring the fatty acids to the surface and remove impurities.

The butter is then cooled to a solid consistency. Another method is to extract the butter from the almonds by cold pressing. The active ingredients are then completely preserved.


Shea butter contains many vitamins. These vitamins promote skin hydration and healing:

- Vitamin A helps cell regeneration and restores the skin's elasticity;
- Vitamin E aims to slow down the effects of skin ageing, thanks to its antioxidant properties;
- Vitamin D has healing properties;
- Vitamin F strengthens the skin's barrier and protects the skin from external aggressions;
- Ceramides contribute to a good hydration of the skin.

Also rich in fatty acids, shea butter contains oleic acid, which reinforces the skin's hydrolipidic film, and stearic acid, which cleanses and purifies damaged skin. The price of raw shea butter varies on average between 20 and 30 euros per litre.

What are the benefits of shea butter?

Repairing care for dry and sensitive skin


Whether consumed raw or in cosmetics, shea butter is the darling of dry and fragile skin. Enriched with vitamins, it nourishes them deeply. Thanks to its healing properties, it also helps to fight certain skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or to effectively combat cracks and chapped skin. It also helps scars to disappear. You can put a dab of it in your bath to wrap yourself in a protective film.

Ideal for babies, shea butter forms a protective barrier on their thin and fragile skin. Its use helps prevent eczema: it relieves redness and irritation. After the bath, warm a small amount and spread it on your baby. It can also be used on children's hair after washing. It is also recommended for pregnant women. During pregnancy, weight gain stretches the skin and can cause damage. As a firming agent, shea butter increases skin elasticity and limits the appearance of stretch marks. It also firms the breasts with regular use.


Nourishing face care

Ideal for the face, shea butter has similarities to sebum. Used as a facial treatment, it has nourishing properties. Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, it also delays skin aging. Its action prevents the formation of wrinkles. As it protects against UV rays, it has a positive impact on preventing skin damage caused by the sun. Its application also promotes cell renewal and stimulates collagen production.

The unbeatable ally against the cold of winter

In winter, the skin becomes tight and red. It is therefore essential to pamper it during the winter season. Shea butter is ideal for protecting it: it forms a protective film that strengthens the skin barrier. Karitene thus helps your skin to combat external aggressions. Apply shea butter every day to take advantage of its benefits against the elements! It strengthens the hydrolipidic film and protects against dryness caused by climatic aggressions. The feeling of comfort it provides is immediate. In winter, pay particular attention to the areas most exposed to the open air, such as the cheeks and hands. Use without moderation in the mountains!


Reinforced protection against UV rays

Prolonged exposure to the sun is harmful to the skin. Shea butter is traditionally used in Africa to protect against the cold, but also against the sun! Rich in karitene and vitamin A, it absorbs part of the UV rays. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of it to the exposed areas to benefit from it. Nevertheless, it has a low protection factor and does not replace a sun cream.

It only offers protection in case of short and indirect exposure to the sun's rays. It can also help to reduce sunburn and prolong a tan. Thanks to its nourishing properties, the skin peels less, so that the tan lasts longer. For a sun-kissed complexion, combine the butter with apricot kernel or carrot oil. The beta-carotene they contain acts as a natural self-tanner.

A must for shiny, strong hair

Hair needs to be nourished to stay shiny and supple. Shea butter has strengthening, moisturising and softening properties for the scalp and hair. It also fights dandruff and protects the hair from UV rays. This is why this cosmetic ingredient is used in many shampoos and conditioners. It protects the hair fibre against bad weather, while limiting the aggression of the sun.

It repairs and strengthens brittle hair. It also softens curls and ends. It is therefore particularly suitable for curly, wavy and frizzy hair. As an anti-dandruff remedy, it promotes good hydration of the scalp and helps to combat flaking. Massage your scalp daily with a single dab for regular maintenance.


The essential for moisturised lips in all circumstances

Thinner than the skin on the face, the lips are sensitive to temperature variations. They are therefore easily subject to chapping and tightness. Shea butter is a natural lip balm. It can be applied daily to form a protective film.

As a soothing treatment after shaving or waxing

For both men and women, shea butter is an excellent after-shave treatment. It replaces perfumed lotions that can be irritating because of their alcohol content. In addition, shaving tends to dry out the skin. It is therefore necessary to nourish it with a suitable care product to reduce burns and irritations. This also applies to hair removal.

What are the different shea butter care products?

Shea butter is available in various cosmetic forms: milks, creams and butters. These products have a single objective: to nourish the skin. However, their texture and use are different.

Milks and creams based on shea butter


Creams and milks are the result of an emulsion, i.e. the mixture of a watery and an oily element. Richer in water, shea butter-based body milks have a light and fluid texture. Easy to apply, they penetrate without leaving a greasy film.

The texture of a vegetable cream is smoother than that of a milk, because it contains more fatty acids. Milks are recommended for normal to oily skin on a daily basis, while creams are more nourishing and more suitable for normal to dry skin.

Vegetable butters and balms with shea butter


Butters and body balms are made up of fatty acids only. Their texture is thicker than that of a milk or cream. These cosmetics are recommended for in-depth care and are suitable for fragile skin. They leave a greasy film on the skin, due to their thick texture. Nevertheless, they are easy to work with by hand. At Adopt, the vegetable butters have a soft texture for easy application.

Simply warm a small amount of the product in the palm of your hands before applying. Store your products in a cool place away from light.

Shea butter scrubs and exfoliators


Exfoliants and scrubs are used to eliminate dead cells. Exposed to external aggressions, skin cell renewal is disturbed. The role of exfoliation is to detoxify and refine the pores. A scrub eliminates imperfections and revives the radiance of the complexion. Once exfoliated, the skin becomes smoother and more radiant.

A shea butter-based scrub is ideal for dry and fragile skin, as it gently exfoliates it. It is advisable to use this type of scrub no more than two to three times a week to avoid skin irritation.

How to choose a quality shea butter?

Choosing a raw shea butter


The almond that contains shea butter is rich in nutrients. A raw extraction therefore preserves all its benefits. It is then obtained by cold pressing. In contrast, the price of chemical extraction is lower and production is faster. But these techniques produce lower quality butter. The traditional shea butter production line is therefore preferable. The range offered by Adopt is entirely fair trade, with respect for the environment and the workers.

Opt for natural cosmetics

Adopt only offers care products with plant-based formulas, whether it be for shea butter cosmetics or for vegetable oils. The products in the range are made from organic shea butter and 99% natural ingredients. Each product is developed according to a strict production line for a high quality result. To benefit from all the properties of shea butter, it is advisable to opt for organic cosmetic recipes.


How to recognize a good quality product?

To judge the quality of a shea butter, you only have to look at it carefully. Its natural colour is yellow, never white. As for its texture, it is solid, but unctuous. Shea butter penetrates well into the skin, so that it softens within seconds. Its smell is light and similar to that of cocoa. Finally, its origin is controlled and respects the know-how of the producers.

How to use shea butter?

Use for the body and face

After getting out of the bath or shower, spread a small amount of shea butter all over your skin. Massage in circular motions to make sure the material is well absorbed. Pay particular attention to rough areas, such as elbows and knees. Shea butter can also be applied undiluted to the hands and mouth, especially during the winter season. It also works wonders on the feet! Heels are often rough areas that need to be nourished regularly. Apply some before going to sleep to enjoy its moisturizing benefits during the night. Repeat at least three nights in a row until your heels are supple again.


To prevent stretch marks in pregnant women, apply a thick layer of shea butter on the areas exposed to loss of elasticity during pregnancy: stomach, chest, buttocks and thighs. Finally, apply it without moderation to the fragile skin of babies during diaper changes or after bathing.

How to use it to repair brittle hair?

The benefits of shea butter are well known for afro, frizzy or curly hair, but it can also be applied to straight and fine hair! A small dab can be enough to nourish this type of hair. There is no need to apply too much, as this will weigh the hair down. For dry and frizzy hair, a shea butter bath is possible. Simply heat a small amount in the palms of your hands and spread it evenly throughout your hair. Then wrap the hair in a warm towel and leave it on for about 30 minutes.

For a more complete repair, the application time can be extended to a whole night. To combat split ends, you can also apply a small amount of shea butter to the ends of the hair every day.

Adopt's Super Karité range: moisture concentrates for ultra-soft skin


Does your skin suffer from tightness and dryness? Adopt's Super Shea range is the perfect ally for delicate skin. The shea butter used in our products is a fair trade product from Ghana. Our products are made of natural ingredients and organic shea butter. Milk, butter or scrub: find the right care for your skin needs and desires.

Repairing body milk

Looking for the perfect beauty ritual after a shower? Treat yourself to a moment of softness by applying the repairing body lotion from the range after your daily wash. Its velvety texture makes it easy to apply, leaving your skin supple and radiant. This milk, formulated with natural ingredients, is even suitable for the most sensitive skin. Particularly recommended for normal to dry skin, this body lotion is easy to apply without leaving a greasy film on the skin. It is delicately scented and envelops your skin in a pleasant, silky veil.

Shea butter for the body

Is your skin dry or irritated? The Shea Body Butter from our range reduces feelings of tightness and discomfort. Its creamy formula is made of 100% natural ingredients. The result: soft and beautiful skin. Our shea butter is recommended for dry skin. Its thick texture helps to moisturise the roughest areas of the body, such as elbows and knees.

Repairing butter for the face

With its repairing butter, Adopt has thought of the most sensitive skin. This creamy treatment based on organic shea butter soothes the skin on the face. It acts as a protective solution to preserve the skin's elasticity. Its supple and delicious texture reinforces and preserves the softness of your skin for a long time.

Exfoliating body balm

Do you want a gentle scrub for your body? Exfoliating the skin can be aggressive to the most delicate skins. The choice of the Super Shea Butter Body Scrub is therefore an ideal alternative for gentle exfoliation. A single application of this creamy scrub is enough to soften and deeply nourish your skin. Your skin will regain its radiance thanks to the removal of residual impurities. You can use your Adopt Exfoliating Balm every week.

Repairing Hand Balm

Need a repairing hand treatment? Treat yourself to a shea butter-based product to soften your skin. Our hand balm is made from natural ingredients and is enriched with vitamin D to deeply repair the skin. Hands are easily affected by external aggressions as they are more exposed to them. It is therefore essential to take care of them with the right product for you.