Rose noire

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Designed and manufactured in France

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Let yourself be bewitched and find the sensual notes of this eau de parfum. Carried by the scent of rose and cedar wood, it will reveal the enchanted beauty within you. The piquant flight of pink pepper in the top note mingles with the voluptuousness of a thorny and sulfurous rose in the middle note. The sensuality of the cedar wood just dosed is revealed in the background. The intoxicating result aims at exposing all the sensual and mysterious parts of femininity of each daring beauty. Just released, Black Rose reveals its thousand and one bewitched facets, of which only fairies have the secret.
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Designed and manufactured in France
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With Black Rose, it is a concentrate of femininity and sensuality that we wanted to capture. Bewitching and carnal, the powerful florality of this oriental eau de parfum accompanies women of temperament, who have chosen the queen of flowers to distinguish themselves.

Philippe Hardel Olfactory expert Adopt
Ritual Rose noire


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