Dans tes rêves

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Formula adapted to vegans
Designed and manufactured in France

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A gentle box to calm the mind and clear the mind before sleeping. Treat yourself to a true evening routine with the Dans tes rêves set. Enriched with soothing lavender and chamomile, the pillow mist creates a soft atmosphere conducive to sleep, while the roll-on with essential oils promises renewed serenity. Breathe and relax!
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Designed and manufactured in France
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Take care of yourself every day with our scented rituals: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize...
  • Dans tes rêves - Pillow mist
    Pillow mist
  • Dans tes rêves - Care oil 100 ml
    Care oil 100 ml
  • Dans tes rêves - Roll-on 10 ml
    Roll-on 10 ml
  • Dans tes rêves - Perfumed Synergy 10ml
    Perfumed Synergy 10ml

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